Billennium Paperless in line with the latest Microsoft systems

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been certified by Microsoft for compliance of our platform, Billennium Paperless, with the latest version of MS SQL Server 2014 database and Windows 10 operating system. What does this mean to our customers?

Maximum acceleration of data processing and business processe

Using the MS SQL Server 2014 database engine means an even greater data processing efficiency on the Billennium Paperless platform, used in many companies for servicing thousands of documents every day. Secretarial handling of a mass amount of consignments, electronic transfer of documents and advanced online reporting will be handled even faster.
SQL Server 2014 speeds up the critical application due to its new OLTP ‘In Memory’ engine that might increase transaction processing efficiency even 30-fold. The new mechanism allows individual database queries up to a hundred times faster than the older solutions, which translates directly into a more efficient work of data-warehouse based systems.
With Windows 10, you’ll experience faster and easier use, supporting more efficient handling of cases in Paperless systems.

Greater data security.

SQL Server program has been offering the best data security systems for businesses for more than six years.

Full readiness for cloud-based work

Both our platform, Billennium Paperless, and the latest program SQL Server 2014, are fully adapted to working in MS Azure cloud. The new tools available in SQL Server 2014 enable transfer of local SQL Server databases to the cloud easily, which allows the customers to use Microsoft’s global data centers safely.

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