Subjective overview of quality IT conferences and meetups

“The programmer must learn all life long” – this is arguably one of the most popular sentences related to the profession of a programmer. This does not at all mean that we must read two thick books a week or every article at websites such as Medium. Personally, I have nothing against gaining knowledge or following news like this, but what I think is beautiful about the community of programmers is the willingness to share knowledge in every possible way. What alternatives do we have, then?



A great way to gain knowledge are, for instance, conferences! An event that takes a whole day, or even several days, during which we may acquire a wealth of knowledge or learn about current trends in the field of software architecture or new technologies. Conferences are most often interdisciplinary, so everyone will find something interesting. Sadly, there is the other side of the coin, the less positive one, as tickets are costly –  their prices can range from modest PLN 40 (university students, etc.) to several thousand Polish zloty.

Below, you will find my personal list of recommendable conferences (in random order); however, there are many more options on the market, so I suggest that you take your time and search for them.






Boiling Frogs







Warszawskie Dni Informatyki

Google Developer Days




Security PWNing




It is also worth checking Meetups which are held in our area. Meetups are meetings of local groups of enthusiasts (admission is, most frequently, free) during which we may gain plenty of great and reliable knowledge, as well as meet speakers of largest conferences from Poland and abroad. Did I mention the beauty of sharing IT knowledge? 🙂 Below you will find a handful of such groups. As ever, I encourage you to search for them by yourself atŚląska-Grupa-Microsoft-Meetup where new groups whose meetings are worth visiting are created every day.


Śląska Grupa Microsoft


Microsoft Azure User Group Poland


Uszanowanko Programowanko

Functional Miners


Mobile Warsaw



If bare theory is not sufficient, go ahead and visit DevWarsztaty (; it is a great initiative whereby all-day and free-of-charge workshops are held on selected IT topics by professional programmers. I highly recommend it!

When we already have gained theoretical knowledge and had fun at DevWarsztaty, it would be great to check what we know in the field ;). Similarly, if we have cool ideas how to help other people, banking sector or our country, we may go to a Hackathon event and win cool money prizes, or just have a ball! What is it about? We have limited time to develop an app. Add pizza, coffee, beer and, more often than not, a 24-hour deadline and what you get is pure fun! 🙂



Koduj dla Polski



What else? I recommend searching for programming knowledge on Facebook, creating and organising Meetups and staying hungry for knowledge!

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