Business Leaders Forum on Innovation in Business

Trends in innovation, Industry 4.0, Are we going to be replaced by machines? – these are only some of the topics discussed at the Business Leaders Forum organised by Alior Bank and Billennium.

How to effectively adjust a business to operating in a digital environment and how to do it better than the competitors – that was the subject of the debate between the organisers, representatives of event partners (Microsoft Poland and EY Poland) and most of all – event participants.

At the start of the event, Urszula Krzyżanowska-Piękoś, Vice-President of the Management Board of Alior Bank, emphasised that the key to effective innovation is to listen to the customer. This statement became the main theme for the entire Forum.

The lectures given by guest speakers focused on the use of new technologies and changes in global consumer trends. The first presentation was given by Zuzanna Skalska, who stressed that technological innovations are only part of the new industrial revolution. Businesses need to adjust to new conscious consumers and workers who expect more flexibility in terms of their obligations and tasks. At the same time, “businesses cannot forget that the prime objective of any changes implemented is satisfaction of the end customer” – added Ms Skalska.

While speaking about global trends that change the business, Daniel Daszkiewicz, Director of the FinTech Department at Alior Bank, noted that among others AI and quantum computing are a promise of new possibilities on the market. “Today’s online revolution not only poses a range of ambitious challenges for us, but also in a way promises amazing solutions which may soon completely transform the quality of our lives. When the Wright brothers rose into the air in 1903, no one could know that only 35 years later people will be experimenting with jet engines – without even mentioning the capabilities of modern machines. We are at the same stage as the Wrights when it comes to AI or quantum computing and the development of these technologies is up to us”. Mr Daszkiewicz also added that the key to success in the modern times is skilful implementation and use of AI-based solutions in one’s own business.

Next, Michał Jaworski, Member of Microsoft’s Management Board, assured the participants that machine learning algorithms are not perfect enough to fully replace humans. AI should be seen as a supplement, which, in many respects, will never be able to compete with people in such areas as direct communication, creativity or empathy.

According to Ivan Hernandez, IoT Market Leader from EY Poland, from the business perspective the most important thing is to intelligently combine technologies currently available on the market. Thanks to efficient use of such technologies as IoT, AI, Big Data, cloud and 3D printing, modern organisations can gain an advantage in creating new services, i.e. new sources of income.

“At Billennium we have learnt that innovation cannot be locked within just one team. Only innovation understood as a process operating across the entire organisation and as part of its DNA has a real chance to work. That it because it then shows in small details that change our attitude and the reality around us. And it is not only true for technology, but also for behaviour. Now we are learning to pay more attention to the social aspect of innovation and to its human side” – adds Bartosz Łopiński, Billennium CEO, who hosted the event together with Urszula Krzyżanowska-Piękoś, Vice-President of the Management Board of Alior Bank.

The organisers are already planning more meetings hosted as part of the Business Leaders Forum, which will be a great opportunity for exchanging knowledge and inspiration on the road to innovative business.

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