• Multichannel Lead, Opp scoring. API integration for external lead sources. Custom Solution for BRD team and CTI integration. Field Service Lighting implemented and optimised for Sales Reps planning and dispatchment. Solution is integrated in corporate architecture, exchanging data and triggering processes (2-way) to BPM / ERP.

Benefits for the client

  • The whole company is working in one tool enabling a 360 degree customer-view. All information and interactions are stored in one place and can be reached from any device. All valuable insights are available for Sales Representatives for effectively be prepared for the whole sales cycle, from client appointments and to deal closure.
  • Efficency of operations is supported by multi-channel lead management and scoring, ensuring BDR focus is where deal is the most likely.
  • Further optimisation of sales process using FSL ensures best matching. Sales Representatives are reaching the most valuable opportunities the most efficient way.
  • Client is utilising process performance monitoring/dashboards for further optimization of the queue.
  • Designed solution is optimised for high performance sales, allowing data-driven, AI-supported operational excellence by the right tools.
  • Lead to Opp Conversion Ratio increased by ↗ 11%
    Lead throughput per BDR increased by ↗ 36%
    Clients visited by Sales Rep (daily, forecast) ↗ 15%