Boosting Sales Performance by AI driven Salesforce CRM.

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Customer had an old, ineffective CRM tool and business processes supported by multiple not integrated solutions. To boost the efficiency and increase the sales they had to move to a new, cloud-based CRM. After the analyse phase the implementation of a highly innovative solution of the Service Cloud and Field Service Module was integrated in corporate architecture of the client. The customer has now one place where over 300 employees interact on the customers, engaging AI for faster and most suitable planning. The archive holds information from all channels.


Azure DevOps


E.ON is Polish first & leading company at implementing photovoltaic systems from A to Z for customers throughout the country. They provide a comprehensive service of consulting, design and installation of photovoltaic installations for individual and business clients. Their dedicated photovoltaic technical sales team is available to offer a professional and dedicated service with a solid and reliable supply chain with highly competitive pricing for any project, from 1KW to a multi megawatt photovoltaic power plant.

Client’s problem


Optimization of CRM related processes, on both sides, internally and externally. Increasing efficiency of sales workforce.

Implemented solution

Implementation of a BPM tool, implementation of Salesforce CRM (Service Cloud and Field Service Lightening) with AI components, connected to sales calendars. Designed solution is utilising FSL AI route/resource planning to dispatch Mobile Sales Reps across Poland. Old CRM and data migration to the new tool.


  • Multichannel Lead, Opp scoring. API integration for external lead sources. Custom Solution for BRD team and CTI integration. Field Service Lighting implemented and optimised for Sales Reps planning and dispatchment. Solution is integrated in corporate architecture, exchanging data and triggering processes (2-way) to BPM / ERP.

Benefits for the client

  • The whole company is working in one tool enabling a 360 degree customer-view. All information and interactions are stored in one place and can be reached from any device. All valuable insights are available for Sales Representatives for effectively be prepared for the whole sales cycle, from client appointments and to deal closure.
  • Efficency of operations is supported by multi-channel lead management and scoring, ensuring BDR focus is where deal is the most likely.
  • Further optimisation of sales process using FSL ensures best matching. Sales Representatives are reaching the most valuable opportunities the most efficient way.
  • Client is utilising process performance monitoring/dashboards for further optimization of the queue.
  • Designed solution is optimised for high performance sales, allowing data-driven, AI-supported operational excellence by the right tools.
  • Lead to Opp Conversion Ratio increased by ↗ 11%
    Lead throughput per BDR increased by ↗ 36%
    Clients visited by Sales Rep (daily, forecast) ↗ 15%