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Paperless Office for Getin Noble Bank

Paperless Office for Getin Noble Bank


We have implemented Paperless Office to increase the office’s efficiency and reduce document handling costs at Getin Noble Bank S.A. It replaced the paper circulation of documents with an electronic one and enabled the possession of a central document repository.


.NET / Paperless Office

Getin Noble Bank S.A.

Getin Noble Bank S.A. is the second largest bank with the majority of Polish capital. Over 2.5 million customers use its services, and the products it offers are available in over 500 branches.

Customer's issue


Our goal was to increase the efficiency of the back-office (repository) and operational centers in processes related to document circulation and to reduce document handling costs.

Implemented Solution

We have implemented Paperless Office (Paperless Mailroom, Paperless BPM, Paperless Safe modules) to manage incoming and outgoing correspondence. At the same time, we have implemented a platform for modeling and managing business processes and an electronic document repository. Our solution is currently used by 3000 users, and the system can handle at least 250,000 cases per month.


  • Consistent registration of correspondence in all offices of the bank.
  • Replacement of paper circulation with electronic document circulation.
  • Creation of a central document repository.


  • Simplification and acceleration of the case handling process.
  • Lower case handling costs.
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Elimination of the risk of limitation periods.

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