Customer Surveys (NPS)

Knowledge on customers’ needs and reaction to them are the key element of Billennium’s philosophy. Major direction of our development is the focus on positive experience so that our customers would recommend us. We want to continuously improve to help our customers develop their businesses.

We would like to thank all the customers who took part in our survey!

At Billennium, for three years already, we regularly study the opinions of our customers. May surveys were based on one question:

Based on your experience in cooperation with Billennium in the first half of 2017, would you recommend Billennium to your friends and collaborators? 

Answers were ranked from 0 to 10, where 0 – I would not recommend at all, and 10 – I would recommend for sure.

The level of our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 59 and during last 6 months it got increased by 18 points. This score makes us satisfied and motivated.

Customers appreciated our professionalism, creativity and readiness to provide assistance where needed. We will care for positive aspects and constantly work over negative ones.

Customers’ opinions are the priceless source of knowledge and ideas for cooperation improvement. We aim at achieving our goals together and do not stop our self-improvement.

What is an NPS? It is a company’s key score for measurement of customers’ loyalty. It sets out the Company’s vision. The NPS result shows the effects of work of the whole team, implemented initiatives and pro-customer organization culture. Thanks to customers’ needs monitor, we can continuously develop and adjust to the customers’ expectations.

The on-line survey was carried out from 24 April to 31 May 2017 on 160 active Billennium customers.

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