Webinar: Synergy in Bytes: Mastering Effective Team Building in IT

On-demand webinar

Synergy in Bytes: Mastering Effective Team Building in IT

Are you ready to skyrocket your IT team's performance?

In the fast-paced Information Technology landscape, the secret ingredient for innovation is not only individual brilliance – it’s all about team synergy.  

Watch our webinar, hosted by Tomasz Kot, experienced Competence Center Director at Billennium, to gain insights and strategies for cultivating high-performance IT teams. 

Tomasz will guide you on the key points to create effective IT teams:

  • Team Dynamics
  • Collaboration Strategies
  • Remote Work Challenges
  • Diversity Leveraging
  • Continuous Improvement

What key topics will we cover?

  • 01

    Team Dynamics

    Understand how team dynamics impact project success.

  • 02

    Collaboration Strategies

    Learn methods for fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and respect.

  • 03

    Remote Work Challenges

    Discover techniques for overcoming common challenges in remote and hybrid work settings.

  • 04

    Diversity Leveraging

    Harness diversity to enhance creativity and problem-solving.

  • 05

    Continuous Improvement

    Explore practical tools and frameworks for constant team assessment and improvement.

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Tomasz Kot
Competence Center Director

Once a programmer, now an IT manager, leader, and community activist. For the past 8 years responsible for building and delivering high performing Software Development Teams. Currently in the role of Software Development Competence Center Director at Billennium. A fan of good leadership, social psychology, and constructive discourse.

Since the beginning of his IT adventure, engaged in building tech communities meetings aimed at exchanging experiences and networking within the IT community. Founder of the Silesian Microsoft User-group, co-organizer of Agile Silesia, speaker at various conferences, and trainer.

Privately – a motorcyclist, gadget enthusiast, volleyball player, and board gamer.