In person, remotely

Offer the best quality of customer service with Inperly – innovative multichannel communication platform between the company and the customer.

What Inperly can do?

85% of customers who participated in an online video banking session said they would be willing to use it again.

Why should you choose Inperly virtual branch?

The virtual branch revolutionizes customer service. Complete the most advanced operations with the multichannel Inperly solution

  • Improved customer relationship - NPS 97% higher.
  • More personal communication with the customer.
  • Continuous communication with the customer regardless of the channel - by phone, online and in the branch.
  • Increased sales potential - up to 77% higher sales!
  • Communication tailored for youth - e.g. via Messenger, SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Remote consultant - availability of specialists for each customer.