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Python Full Stack Developer

  • Seniority:

    Mid, Senior

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  • Requirements

    Full-Stack Engineer

    • CI/CD: Strong understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment workflows to ensure reliable and consistent updates.
    • 4+ years of experience as Python Full Stack with Angular
    • Spreadsheet Data Handling: Experience with Python libraries (e.g., Pandas, OpenPyXL) for reading, processing, and handling data from spreadsheets.
    • Frontend Data Validation: Expertise in creating user interfaces using Angular, TypeScript, and Material Design to allow users to validate metadata types like text, list of strings, single choice, multichoice, and custom fields directly within the UI.
    • Backend Development: Proficient in Python & Django for backend processing tasks such as aggregating validated data and generating summary documents.
    • Document Generation: Experience using Python libraries (e.g., Docx) to create, format, and export summary documents based on validated metadata.
    • Database Integration: Capability to work with Snowflake databases for storing and retrieving metadata, ensuring efficient data flow throughout the validation process.
    • Authentication: Experience in setting up OAuth-based authentication mechanisms, ensuring secure access to the metadata validation tool.
    • Performance Optimization: Skills in ensuring the tool can handle large volumes of metadata efficiently, both in reading from spreadsheets and in the validation UI.
    • Error Handling and User Feedback: Ability to present clear error messages and guidance within the UI when metadata does not meet validation criteria.
    • Collaboration: Capacity to work alongside product managers, data experts, and UX/UI designers to continuously refine the validation process and improve the user experience.
  • Our Offer

    • Work-Life Balance.
    • 8 hours work.
    • Good work culture.
    • Learning and Development.
    • Modern work amenities.

Python Full Stack Developer

Prajakta Bhat Recruitment Team Lead in India
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