Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

Make your digital transformation easier, discoverable, manageable and secured out of the box. Use the new IT operating Model and follow the API Lifecycle, because Mulesoft Anypoint Platform is not just the iPaaS, but the way of thinking to have it done smoother :)


  • Collaborate with your consumers from the very beginning (Design)
  • Use RAML, Swagger, OpenAPI – automatic generations save hours (Simulate)
  • Have the fast feedback loop (Feedback)
  • Deliver what is needed for consumers (Validate)


  • Anypoint Studio with predefined components shortened time to market
  • Follow the best practices and good paths instead of reinvent the wheel
  • Take the advantage of using Dataweave in transformation the complex data (drag & drop and see the live preview)
  • There is no need for Java mappers anymore, we are experts regarding DataWeave 2.0 and complex data transformations

Build and Deploy

  • Deploy directly to Mulesoft's Cloudhub
  • Use your own infrastructure with standalone Mule Servers
  • Use Runtime Fabric and deploy it to your private cloud
  • Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service that automates the deployment and orchestration of Mule applications and API gateways

Discover and Reuse

  • Find your API in the Exchange (company internal API marketplace)
  • Request access directly from Exchange
  • Study the API documentation and play around with "Try it" feature
  • Enable Self-service for consumer/business using MuleSoft Product - Take the advantage of shorter delivery cycles, including faster time to market for your integration projects through reuse and self-service

How the benefits from the platform can be implemented by us (Billennium)?

Services Integration

  • Dedicated integrations based on customer needs
  • Modern API-based integration for self-serving
  • Application network architecture consulting

Support & Managed Services

  • Operations and Maintenance Teams
  • Migration legacy services comments - Mule 3 Migration to Mule 4, Any Gateway migration to MuleSoft API Gateway
  • On-call support - "Ask Mule Expert for advice" - 24/7

C4E Introduction into organization/Evangelizing the C4E concept:

  • Digital Transformations Support
  • Technology ambassadors support
  • Processes setup for better adherence to standards and best practices. Expertise with automation of delivery, i.e. CI/CD and DevOps approach included
  • Enable different line of Business(LOBs) to deliver project independently
  • Hire developer to help your Central IT Team/Core team
  • Want to assess your Organization Integration capability - Reach out us
  • Expertise with automation of delivery, i.e. CI/CD and DevOps approach

Hire dedicated Mulesoft Developers

  • Have our Developers in your team full time

Our competences

Our competences are not just a statements, but it comes out directly from experience our experts

  • Let's have a meeting together
  • Get in touch with us to hear the stories
  • Ask good question to check it
  • Expert developers with MuleSoft certs and MuleSoft ambassador onboard
  • MuleSoft Meetups speakers