Simplify your daily operations

Increase sales through communication optimization. Paperless Retail is a comprehensive system for managing a distributed sales network that simplifies and speeds up daily tasks at every level of the chain.

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Create a shop of the future with Paperless Retail and beat the competition.


  • Network inventory – store segmentation organized and categorized by multiple attributes, regional structure of your retail network, workforce management, opening hours of sales points and their geolocation.
  • Task configuration and management – task configuration and categorization, task delegation based on store segmentation within your network, itemized task list received daily with highlighted priorities, the ability to provide comments and other feedback regarding current tasks.
  • Communication – precise addressing of communication from the HQ to selected stores and employees, full customization and personalization of message layout, automated marketing campaigns – the launch of campaigns throughout your entire network at the same time, automated changes and updates of marketing materials, integration with automated Digital Signage.

Quick decisions based on data analysis

  • Tasks execution – Access to tasks from the main application screen, instant access to task details – including progress status and due dates, ability to search through archive tasks, providing feedback of the current task status.
  • Analysis & data reporting – real-time network management with constant store monitoring and reporting, feedback analysis of entire retail chain, dashboards presenting the status of task completion for both regional and entire network, scalable filters and geographical view on data, strategy and performance: comparison of completed tasks and sales results.


  • Monitoring and automatic switching on devices.
  • Monitoring of refrigerator temperature, electricity and gas consumption.

Create a future store with Paperless Retail and stay ahead of the competition.

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