Pega 7 Platform Certified System Architect

Pegasystems is a leader, recognised by the Gartner research institute, working with tools used for building business process management systems (BPM).

Billennium’s knowledge and experience in this regard have now been officially certified and recognised.

Modern companies are aware that their business processes undergo constant changes. Company directors also know the costs of such changes. Obviously, they keep searching for new ways to reduce those costs. Pega software revolutionizes the methods of optimizing customer services and automating business operations, at the same time looking after the budget.

In its solutions, Pega uses advanced analytics and business management rules. This enables the company to carry out an ongoing assessment, in real time, of all customer interactions in terms of their expected consequences. At the next step, the solution matches the information gathered with established business targets and dynamically recommends the most suitable actions, offers, contents and communication channels. Pega has a multitude of useful functions and creates applications for sales, marketing and service departments.

Pega apps are based on a uniform Pega 7 platform, which, with the use of graphical tools, allows the user to expand and change applications. It is also possible to implement new innovations every time while using the tool thanks to extensive decision-making mechanisms. Corporate users are able to modify decision rules without the need to install a new version of the software.

Among Pega’s customers are the most modern and successful companies from the Global 2000 list.

Pega functionality:

Developing solutions based on business processes.

Developing/modelling applications from scratch with the use of ready-made components. This means that app development times and costs are significantly lower.

Data/object modelling.

Changing app logics and modifying the app to suit the current needs without the need to involve a team of software developers in the process.

Process optimisation: shortening, repairing processes and adjusting them to suit the character of a given organisation.


We are convinced that our new competences will bring us closer to our clients and help us provide an even better service.


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