Paweł Ćwieka

Chief Delivery Officer

Paweł joined Billennium in 2012 and has been running the Delivery department since 2018. During his career in IT, he has worked his way up from specialist, project manager, product owner, to the manager of various technological teams. He is a graduate of Information Technology at UMCS and postgraduate studies in Integrated ERP systems in management at Kozminski University. At Billennium, he is responsible for the development of Competence Centers and the expansion of the company in foreign markets. He is fascinated by powerful cars and likes sports activities – he enjoys cycling, snowboarding and swimming, and has even competed in a few Triathlons.

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Computers have always been present in my life. I started with The Amiga 500 - what a masterpiece it was! I was interested in how the computer and operating system works, but mostly in gaming. Then the PC's era came and rivalry between my friends to get the best hardware. Money, I earned during my holidays in the USA I spent on faster processors and graphics cards.
I already knew in high school that I would study IT. In the beginning, I was fascinated by programming. However, at one point, my interests turned to networks and the internet, and it was a direction that I continued my career path.
IT and computers aren't my only passion - I also love cars. My first one was… white "Maluch". Then I was searching for more and more interesting and powerful cars.

Bille Squad Member

I like computers and technology, and I have always known that this is what I will do professionally. For me being part of Billennium is – above all - working side by side with great people - committed, full of ideas and extremely friendly. We share the passion for IT and other things. Thanks to them, I started my adventure with Triathlon and completed few competitions. Training and participation require a lot of effort, determination and fortitude but having Billennium team by my side motivates me and gives me extra strength, and vice versa. Every day I make many important business decisions that affect the organization and employees. It's a huge responsibility, but also a factor that drives me to work even harder.