Jakub Mamla


Jakub Mamla has been working in Billennium since 2018, and since March 2019, he is the COO. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, where he studied at the Faculty of Management. For 20 years of his professional career, Jakub worked in a corporation from the communications / electrotechnical industry. He believes that the most important element for his professional experience was working with two exceptional bosses. Therefore, the most important goal for Jakub is to influence the development of people around him and having an impact on his co-workers.

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I was very fortunate to work with two exceptional bosses who made a huge impact on me. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am now. I believe that the most important factor in human development is the people you spend time with.
The transition from a huge corporation to Billennium was a tremendous change for me. I feel much more responsibility, a much faster pace of all activities. This contrast is an extraordinary, refreshing experience that I recommend to everyone. It is worth to be open to changes because they enrich.
I don't have a competitive spirit, but I really appreciate the few hours a year when I go to a shooting competition. Possession of a weapon teaches me humility - I operate an object that can hurt. For me, however, this is, above all, an opportunity to focus completely on the set target and cut off from external stimuli.

Bille Squad Member

I've always liked to just work. I believe that if work is no longer fun, it should be changed. Besides, I am a stay-at-home person. I have a wife, two sons, a big dog and a cat. The older I get, the more I appreciate spending time with people who are close to me and are kind - I try to keep in touch with them. Besides, I like sport shooting, I belong to Legia Club, sometimes I manage to place in the top three players at the competitions I start in. Every day we are bombarded with a lot of stimuli, and at shooting I put on headphones, which completely separate me from all destructions. There is one goal and we focus only on it. But I can't imagine shooting at living beings!