Mateusz Nomańczuk


In 2003 he founded Billennium together with Bartosz Łopiński, with whom he has been working in one company. In Billennium, he is responsible for financial strategies and investments. He has an engineering background and graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Very early in his life, he realized that IT has a future and it is worth to develop towards it. For over 16 years, he has been building a company that constantly adapts to market requirements and flexibly approaches changes.

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For eight years, I have been running a very engaging project - I have three children (four, six and eight years old). I devote a lot of time to it, so there is less time for passion. The first element that I managed to restore is traveling - I manage to take children to very different places, close by and far away.
Music has always been significant to me - I can play the piano, now I can slowly return to this passion. Besides, I love taking pictures, especially of people - it's amazing to capture all sorts of human emotions. And I like cooking very much - probably because the food itself is fundamental to me.
Even before starting Billennium, I practiced various board sports - also with Bartek Łopiński. Snowboarding, windsurfing and other sports-related to water and wind are close to my favorites. I hope that I will also be able to come back to this more and more - this year, I hope that my youngest child will start skiing!

Bille Squad Member

When creating Billennium, we wanted, as computer engineers, to do what is cool and exciting for us. We did not have any business preparation and we learned a lot while running the company. With time, our knowledge about business increased significantly, although not all projects were successful, not always contracts came out as we wanted. Anyway, while building Billennium, we were convinced that a hundred employees were an unattainable border. Now that there are over 1000 of us, I feel a huge responsibility for all employees and it is important for me that people like to work here - that is why I also focus very much on the offices that we create.