Piotr Aftewicz

Chief Information Officer

I once read that when you read, you live numerous times. I am convinced that it is when you listen to other people, you live multiple times, because listening allows you to use other people's knowledge and experience. That is why it is good to try to understand others - then we can broaden our horizons.

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As a child, already in the 2-3rd grade of primary school, I had a precise plan for life - I wanted to sail. In Mrągowo there were ideal conditions for this - there was a sports school, where the best sailors in the country would go. Therefore, in the 7th grade, I decided to go to the Maritime Academy in Gdynia to become a navigator.
Unfortunately - it turned out that due to poor eyesight, I could not be accepted to the school, or I could become a port explorer, which would be even worse for me than a total resignation from the plans. However, in high school, I became interested in computers and eventually went to Lazarski University to study computer science.
During my studies, I had a lot of classes preparing me to work as an analyst. With various adventures along the way (hip-hop album production!) I was developing in this direction, I worked in several exciting projects, and since 2012 I have been in Billennium, which I joined as an analyst, and now I manage the solutions division.

Bille Squad Member

I believe that "can't be done" is strongly overrated - both in business and private life. Although working in Billennium and building the company is very important to me, I also love water sports - sailing, swimming, kite surfing. I also like to read biographies of people who inspire me, such as Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Henry Ford or Jeff Bezos. I am also interested in design and applied arts, so I like to spend time browsing through catalogues dedicated to this field. Minimalism is very close to me and fascinates me on how to achieve perfection through simplification. Because the key to perfection lies in limiting, not adding.