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Inperly app gets the SimplySign e-signature feature

Billennium has introduced in the Inperly app the option to sign documents using SimplySign. This will allow using the electronic signature offered by Asseco Data Systems as part of the Microsoft Teams platform.

Inperly app developed by Billennium supports remote customer service, sales, supplier contracting and internal processes in organizations in the HR area. The solution allows users to verify their identity and sign documents with qualified electronic signatures using the Microsoft Teams platform. An Inperly user provides a document to their client, stakeholder or co-worker as part of a conversation via a popular messenger or to an email address. The recipient receives a link to the file stored in the cloud, along with instructions on how to perform the process using SimplySign or one of several available forms of signature.

We are pleased that now Inperly users will also be able to use SimplySign e-signature. Our solution is extremely popular with both business and individual clients. Thanks to the cooperation between Billennium and Asseco Data Systems, even more people will be able to conveniently sign documents within the Microsoft Teams platform. In turn, Billennium will gain the opportunity to reach new audiences.

Paulina Dzwonkowska, Key Account Manager, Asseco Data Systems

Inperly is the first app in the market to allow user identity confirmation and document signing within Microsoft Teams, and the only one with such a wide range of different options for submitting a declaration of intent remotely. With the implementation of SimplySign, we gain an important trust service partner and further expand Inperly’s capabilities for customers looking to digitize their business processes and provide convenient ways of signing documents to their B2B and individual users.

Tomasz Goźliński, Head of Products, Billennium

Asseco Data Systems is the leader of trust services in Poland with the largest market share. SimplySign, offered by the Certum by Asseco certification centre, was the first mobile electronic signature in Poland not requiring a physical reader or certificate card. The solution allows signing documents on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but also desktop computers. SimplySign’s electronic signature complies with the eIDAS regulation, making it legally valid both in Poland and in other European Union countries.

SimplySign also ensures compatibility with key services such as the Płatnik Program (for ZUS, Social Insurance Institution), CEIDG, e-Deklaracje, ePUAP, e-KRS and the ESPD e-procure­ment platform.

Integrated tools for hybrid work

Inperly is an app that runs inside the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Importantly, the end user does not need to install additional software to use the electronic signature. The solution is part of the trend of hybrid work, which requires efficient tools allowing employees to perform their duties from anywhere. A key role here is played by collaboration platforms, as well as solutions integrated with them enabling people to work with different types of documents. Inperly is an example of such a tool.

According to the Microsoft Work Trend Index survey, 87% of employees believe the hybrid model has helped increase their productivity. They appreciate the benefits of working in a mixed mode allowing them to perform some duties in the office and some at home or any other location. Workation, i.e. combining work with vacation, also becomes increasingly popular. The survey by shows that 67% of hybrid employees state it would not affect their efficiency. The work environment continues to evolve, and business must keep up with these changes. With the right tools, such as Inperly app supporting SimplySign digital signatures, companies can ensure the right conditions for hybrid employees.

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