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Find out how to join Billennium
and discover unlimited career opportunities in IT! 

How to join us?

Do you have a passion for technology and share our values? It’s time to join us!
A transparent and efficient recruitment process awaits you.
After that, we will be excited to welcome you aboard the Billennium Squad.

Recruitment process

  • Interview

    Interview with the recruiter (max. 1 hour)

    • You will learn more about Billennium (our values, work culture, solutions we create).
    • We will provide you with information on the projects we would like you to be involved in. 
    • We will present you the terms and conditions
      of cooperation
      (salary, contract). We will answer
      all of your questions
  • Technical interview

    Technical meeting (max. 1 hour)

    • We will verify your skills, expertise and technical knowledge required for the position and discuss a specific case. 
    • We will check your approach to problem solving (depending on the position, we may ask you for a code sample or check your knowledge of project methodology).
  • Outside meeting

    Meeting with the client (optional)

    • Depending on the project, there may be an additional meeting with the client.
    • This is an opportunity to get to know the project team, discuss the scope of work in more detail and decide
      if the candidate fits the project
    • We know from experience that this approach guarantees greater job satisfaction. 
  • Welcome on board!

    Happy to have You in the Billennium Squad!

    • Admission decision.
    • Agreement and remote signing of documents
      (electronic signature).
    • Shipment of equipment and Welcome Pack.

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What our experts have to say

Kamil Mikołajczyk

Kamil Mikołajczyk

Head of Recruitment

I`m currently Head of Recruitment at Billennium. However, I joined the company 6 years ago as an IT Recruiter. I was later given a chance to lead a small local team and then took over the responsibility for our recruitment operations in Poland and globally. It`s worth mentioning that I`m just one example of many Billennials (as we often call ourselves) who built their careers with the company over the years. If you`re looking for a place to grow as a professional, don`t hesitate to contact us, regardless of where you are from – many of our positions are 100% remote, so our eyes are always open for new potential talent to join our ranks. Our recruitment teams in Europe, Asia and North America will let you know if we have any opportunities that meet your career goals and expectations.

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Prajakta Bhat

Prajakta Bhat

Recruitment Team Lead in India

I am a Recruitment Lead in India, dedicated to sculpting dynamic teams that redefine success, with a passion for identifying and nurturing talent. My team and I bring a wealth of experience navigating the intricate recruitment landscape. My commitment extends beyond filling positions; it's about strategically aligning individuals with the ethos and aspirations of our organisation. Let's embark on a journey of building a workforce and a thriving community of excellence.

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Agata Kryń

Agata Kryń

Recruitment Leader in Poland

HR is my passion. I have worked in the industry for several years, most of which have been spent at Billennium. I manage end-to-end recruitment processes, comprehensively care for our Researchers team and implement new members into the organisation. Besides IT, I am fascinated by marketing, digital, and media.
In my private life, I listen to podcasts, mainly true crime, and I am interested in culture and East Slavic languages. I love traveling.

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Siti Nur Makni

Siti Nur Makni

Senior HR Manager in Malaysia

As I lead the whole HR Team in Malaysia, I also lead the Recruitment Team, and my primary focus is crafting high-impact teams that transcend conventional success benchmarks. Together with my dedicated team, we bring a wealth of experience to navigate the complexities of recruitment skillfully. Our commitment extends beyond routine role fulfillment: we strategically align individuals with our organisation's core ethos and aspirations. This approach is about creating a symbiotic relationship, fostering an environment where talents flourish, potentials are unlocked, and synergies emerge organically.

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