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Pharmaceutical industry

Migration of a medical data search engine

The project consisted of creating a single global solution in the Azure cloud, which will be implemented in many countries as physically separate silos. Each silo will consist of a web application and a database to which the data will be migrated. Updates of the web application and infrastructure are made automatically by the administrator through the GUI. In this case development was crucial. The task was to make launching a new country as simple as possible, with its specificity and completely new data sources. At the same time, the data was separated between countries, which was one of the legal requirements. Zobacz więcej

Financial industry

Paperless Migration

Migration of the customer’s document flow system from the on-premise version to the cloud version. The cloud version of the system is a PaaS version that uses native Azure cloud services. See more

Financial industry

Implementing bank loan application

For a customer from financial field offering bank loans, we have implemented and still supporting an application, which enables handling short and long-term loans. See more

Pharmaceutical industry

Cloud Manager implementation and testing

For a customer from the pharmaceutical industry, we have developed and we have been supporting a system to gather financial information with the use of resources on cloud platforms with Azure Functions. See more

Pharmaceutical industry

Robotization of reading orders

For a client from the pharmaceutical industry, we have speeded up order processing by creating a robot that reads values from emails and PDFs and publishes orders in SAP. See more

Pharmaceutical industry

Tests for product pricing application

We have prepared end-to-end testing of a tool for pricing products, for a client from the pharmaceutical industry for markets around the world, and in many currencies. See more

Financial industry

We have developed 4Finance bank loan platform

We have automated API and front-end tests for end users, brokers and agents at the 4Finance fintech company. See more

Pharmaceutical industry


We designed and implemented a cyclical newsletter release to the DevTools application users.
See more

Pharmaceutical industry

Sample Request Application

We have developed an application that supports the ordering of drug samples by Belgian doctors. It contains an advanced electronic signature, standardizes the ordering process and allows to track the ordering process. See more

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