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Inperly with honors at the 2023 Eagle of Innovation awards

Billennium is proud to announce that their revolutionary product, Inperly, has been honoured with an award at the prestigious “Eagle of Innovation 2023 [pl. Orzeł Innowacji]” gala. Inperly, an identity confirmation and electronic signature solution for Microsoft Teams, was awarded in the Enterprise category. This award reaffirms Inperly’s significant role in transforming digital processes and Billennium’s commitment to providing innovative customer solutions.

The “Eagle of Innovation” is one of the most important events in the industry, which awards the most innovative solutions in the market. Billennium is extremely proud of this award for Inperly, which is a testament to our commitment to creating revolutionary IT solutions. Inperly enables companies to efficiently and securely confirm identities and sign electronic documents in the Microsoft Teams environment thus moving businesses into a paperless future.

Our Inperly team is extremely honoured by this award. It proves our ability to create innovative and leading solutions that change the way businesses work. With Inperly, our clients can enjoy an even more efficient and secure digital environment.

Tomasz Goźliński, Head of Products at Billennium

Inperly makes it easy and secure to confirm users’ identities and sign electronic documents, speeding up business processes and increasing performance. The solution integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams platform, enabling secure workflows and enhancing team communication efficiency.

Gdańsk 24.05.2023; Infoshare; Eagle of Innovation 2023 gala; Tomasz Gozlinski; Photo: Łukasz Glowala

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