Financial industry

eUrząd module for banking company



At our banking Client we have implemented new products of eUrzad module, to allow customers a convenient way to use current and modern banking services.


.NET Core / .NET Framework

About Client

Currently, it is the fourth biggest financial institution in Poland in terms of asset value. The offer includes retail and investment banking, solutions for entrepreneurs and private banking services. The bank also operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Customer's issue


Our goal was to implement new banking products for eUrząd, tailored to current online banking technologies.

Implemented Solution

We have implemented eUrzad module (Trusted Profile) for the new online banking version.


  • Downloading customer’s data from the banking system.
  • Trusted Profile registration and extension via external API.


  • eUrzad module update to the current version of online banking.
  • Modern methods of user authorization to speed up and facilitate customer service.

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