For a customer from financial field offering bank loans, we have implemented and still supporting an application, which enables handling short and long-term loans.


Gradle / Groovy / Hibernate / Java / Spring / Spring Cloud / Spring Data / Spring Security / SpringBoot / Vaadin

4 Finance

A capital group of businesses from digital financial services, specializing in short-term loans - both Single Payment Loans and Instalment Loans. Established in 2008 in Latvia, currently operating in 12 European countries, including Poland and Argentina. Their portfolio is comprised of: Vivus, SMSCredit, Zaplo.

Customer's issue

Our Goal

Our goal was the implementation and support of constantly evolving applications related to digital loans.

Implemented Solution

We have implemented an application based on microservice architecture, which allows to service long- and short-term loans, both on client’s end and the administrators / employees that manage loans.


  • Customers can take out and manage loans.
  • Customer and loan service by internal employees.
  • Partners’ communication via REST Api.
  • Tool used by call center employees.
  • Gathering data for platforms analyzing the Internet traffic.


  • More efficient customer service.
  • Easier communication via call center.
  • Better analysis of potential customer’s behaviour due to the Internet traffic analysis.

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