Pharmaceutical industry

Migration of a medical data search engine



The project consisted of creating a single global solution in the Azure cloud, which will be implemented in many countries as physically separate silos. Each silo will consist of a web application and a database to which the data will be migrated. Updates of the web application and infrastructure are made automatically by the administrator through the GUI. In this case development was crucial. The task was to make launching a new country as simple as possible, with its specificity and completely new data sources. At the same time, the data was separated between countries, which was one of the legal requirements.

Problems of our client

Our Goal

Ultimately, the process of implementing the solution in each new country was limited to running the script automatically, installing the entire environment, i.e. installing the Azure infrastructure and launching the web application, which was a significant acceleration and allows the client to create an appropriate scale of his service. At the same time, the client has the option of directly assign infrastructure costs to a specific country, thanks to which he can constantly monitor the profitability of the project.

Implemented Solution

Additionally, in the case of creating a new global version of the application, the local administrator decides when to perform an update. Thanks to this approach, we minimise the unavailability of the application at critical moments for the local organisation.

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