Production industry

Paperless Office and optimazation of processes for the Apator



We have computerized Apator in several dozen processes, which we have simultaneously improved. We have implemented Paperless Office and our specialists cooperated with staff augmentation. Soon, we will also expand the implemented processes to subsidiaries.


.NET / MS SQL Server / Paperless Office


Apator is a capital group dealing in the electromechanical industry. Together with subsidiaries, it mainly produces electrical, measuring and mining equipment.

Customer's issue


Our goal was to implement a new, more effective solution that is a platform for moving existing processes and building new ones. The goal was also to support back-office and production processes along with handling inbound and outbound correspondence, circulation of contracts and orders, and cost invoice circulation.

Implemented Solution

We have implemented the Paperless Office Platform together with Elements modules (part of the solution responsible for, among others, handling business objects) and BPM (part of the solution related, among others, to supporting business processes). 400 people use the system. A system rollout is planned for subsidiaries (7 companies).


  • Registration of incoming shipments along with generating a send book.
  • Registration of outgoing shipments.
  • Order and demand management in the enterprise.
  • Contract and delegation acceptance services.
  • The complaint process.
  • Production-related processes: production quality control, handling research projects and processing EU declarations.
  • The process of accepting a cost invoice.
  • Digital document repository.
  • Monitoring the timeliness of tasks performed and providing a reporting layer.


  • Reducing processing time due to standardization of processes in the organization.
  • Elimination of errors, incompleteness of documentation, overdue matters.
  • Increasing work efficiency, enabling monitoring of the course of cases.
  • Elimination of risk of lost documentation.

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