Oil & gas Industry

Paperless for Orlen



We have implemented Paperless Office at Orlen, thanks to which we have optimized the management of investment documentation. We also enabled fast and controlled access to electronic files for employees involved in the investment process.


.NET / MS SQL Server / Paperless Office

PKN Orlen

PKN Orlen is a Polish company processing and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products. It is considered one of the largest European fuel producers and distributors, with over 1,700 stations in Poland.

Customer’s Issue


Our goal was to provide employees involved in the PKN ORLEN investment process with quick and controlled access to electronic files – technical and process documentation related to the given undertaking.

Implemented Solution

We have implemented Paperless Office (functioning at PKN Orlen under the name Archeo – Technical Archive of the Orlen Group)  to manage investment documentation. The system also has a platform for modeling and managing business processes, and an electronic document repository. Archeo supports investment documentation, and its recipients are entities responsible for the construction and infrastructure of new stations, including business partners. The application allows you to run projects by attaching documents, sharing them, accepting and reviewing them in the system. The solution monitors the calendar and reminds you of important dates, thus eliminating the risk of time-barring the case or skipping an important stage.


  • Registering new documentation files in the archive by representatives of investment contractors.
  • Acceptance / opinion / rejection of submitted documentation in workflow mode.
  • A calendar reminding you of important dates in your projects.
  • Comprehensive search of archived resources (for employees of PKN Orlen and authorized persons from outside).

Benefits for client

  • Simplification of the investment document registration process - introduction of electronic document circulation.
  • Acceleration of investment process services.
  • Elimination of the risk of limitation periods.

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