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We have developed an application that supports the ordering of drug samples by Belgian doctors. It contains an advanced electronic signature, standardizes the ordering process and allows to track the ordering process.


Advanced DocuSign

Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company with branches in over 150 countries around the world, specializing in drug production and clinical research in the areas of oncology, immunology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases and neurobiology.

Customer's issue


Our goal was to provide an application that standardizes the sample ordering process, facilitates electronic signatures and allows to track ordering process at every step.

Implemented Solution

The application was built and runs on the Pega 7.4 platform. It uses Advanced DocuSign which supports electronic signature. The contracting authority, who is not an employee of the manufacturer, can choose a given drug and place the order. The application supports 2 types of decision-making processes, depending on the selected drug:
1. Default, one-step acceptance.
2. Program, two-step acceptance. It is possible to refer the issue to advisers and acceptors to collect additional opinions and decisions. This facilitates making the final decision about the order.
The accepted order is sent to the ordering party to obtain a signature and then, sent for execution.
In addition, the visual layer of the application is tailored for individual needs of our client.


  • Defining a list of drug samples and programs, based on which they are made available.
  • Placing orders for a selected drug sample within the available limit.
  • Depending on the selected sample, support for default or program decision making.
  • Collecting opinions from advisers (including those who are not employees of the manufacturer) and acceptors.
  • Advanced electronic signature support.


  • Allowing doctors to submit requests for drug samples without the need to have manufacturer’s user accounts and additional requirements for having such an account (including participation in training).
  • Standardizing and simplifying the process of applying for drug samples.
  • Order processing in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Reduction of errors made during completing the applications.
  • Case management, analysis of their history and process data on one platform.

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