Financial industry

We have developed 4Finance bank loan platform



We have automated API and front-end tests for end users, brokers and agents at the 4Finance fintech company.


Cucumber / Geb / Groovy / Guice / Junit / RestAssured / Retrofit / Selenium

4 Finance

A capital group of businesses from digital financial services, specializing in short-term loans - both Single Payment Loans and Instalment Loans. Established in 2008 in Latvia, currently operating in 12 European countries, including Poland and Argentina. Their portfolio is comprised of: Vivus, SMSCredit, Zaplo.

Cusotmer's issue


Our goal was to enable creation and handling of applications and to streamline processes with a single, centralized, user-friendly and simple solution.

Implemented Solution

We have developed API and front-end tests for two back-office platforms. At the same time, we have developed and implemented manual and automatic tests for client’s partner platforms.


  • Cancellation and closing of submitted applications.
  • Document flow between clients and their partners.
  • Data exchange between clients and their partners.
  • Implementation of new financial instruments operation.
  • Automatic tests, risk analysis API, web application API.
  • Automatic integration tests of client’s platform with partner’s applications.
  • Automatic migration tests of the API version. Coverage of developed code with unit, API, integration and E2E tests.


  • Reduction of time spent on testing individual components.
  • Covering newly developed solutions with automatic testing, to prevent technical debt.

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