Automotive Industry

We implemented Paperless Office at Auto Centrum Dębowscy



For Auto Centrum Dębowscy – a company that mainly deals with the sale of spare parts in the automotive industry, we have implemented Paperless Office. Thanks to which we have optimized the service of various processes in the company.


.NET / MS SQL Server / Paperless Office

Auto Centrum Dębowscy

Auto Centrum Dębowscy is a company dealing with the sale of spare parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Customer's issues


Our goal was to optimize the handling of processes related to the creation and acceptance of contracts between Auto Centrum and contractors. At the same time, we wanted to introduce a system to handle requests for new employees and add them to the system, enter and delegate tasks, and invoice flow with payment module.

Implemented Solution

We have implemented Paperless Office dedicated to Auto Centrum Dębowscy. The application has an internal structure allowing users to distinguish several main parts. The most important of them are Elements and BPM. We have also implemented a digital document repository.


  • The process of introducing and accepting a new contract.
  • Payroll entry processes.
  • Processes related to onboarding new employees.
  • Processes related to delegating tasks.
  • Processes related to the circulation of cost invoices.
  • Payment module (homeBanking) - generating a CSV file for invoices awaiting payment, and importing to the transfer confirmation system.
  • The "Director's Card" module records the inflows and charges of the directors' cards of individual branches.
  • •Income invoice register module integrated with the financial and accounting system.
  • Module for managing the budget in the organization, used to plan the budget and verify its implementation.
  • Reports.


  • Reduction of processing time due to standardization of processes in the organization.
  • Elimination of errors, incompleteness of documentation, overdue matters.
  • Increasing work efficiency, enabling monitoring of the course of cases.
  • Elimination of risk of lost documentation.

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