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Get your team focus on the goal. Work smarter and align with the business. Whenever it is a new idea or change with the current project, get momentum, boosts creativity, and execute the plan.

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Why us?

We tried on our own many different ways of facilitation. Based on our experience we know that the best workshops are the tailored-made ones. Online or onsite it's up to you.

So as you contact us within 3-5 days we will be back to you with an offer. No further requirements need to work with us.

We provide all the services on-line or on-site.

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What we found most effective

We also provide Impact Mapping, Customer Journey, Design Thinking,
Service Design and Domain Storytelling.
Choose what you need.

Andrzej Patyra

If you are interested in cooperating with us, feel free to schedule a meeting with Andrzej Patyra. You can bring any questions regarding our skills, practices, experience, techniques, and availability.

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