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We support our corporate and institutional clients and implement internal projects where we develop tools that increase the competitive advantage of Billennium S.A. We work in the Scrum/Agile environment and follow the Constant Improvement philosophy.


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UX & Design at Billennium

In IT projects, we define and analyse the expectations of all stakeholders of the project. Through process analysis, we create the solution architecture, as well as service and product models. The developed functional models and prototypes are subjected to usability tests. After evaluating the usefulness of the solution and implementing the required changes, we provide developers with complete deliverables (Design System, mock-ups, graphic files). As part of our Center, we offer:

  • research competences in the field of user experience (UX - User Experience)
  • design competences to develop digital products and services, including user interfaces (UI).

UX Design in the project involves:

  • building useful and functional solutions that will satisfy the user;
  • providing effective and satisfactory interaction with the product;
  • solving real problems and user needs;
  • minimising the risk of launching a product that fails to meet expectations or will be rejected;
  • determination of success indicators (KPIs) on the basis of which we evaluate the product;
  • access to knowledge necessary to build a product development strategy in the future;
  • maintaining functional and visual consistency with other products and services of the Client.

We work in the Design Thinking model and the User Centered Design process, which involves three stages:

  • Analysis – learning about and analysing the problem, acquiring knowledge about the context of use and users
  • Design - the stage of creative conceptualization of ideas and creating solutions
  • Verification - evaluation of the created solution and indicating any potential improvements



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