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From the disruptor to global leader. Many ways Salesforce can help you

From its launch in 1999, Salesforce has kept the steady pace of growth, becoming the leader and keeping that position. It seems like nothing can stop Salesforce now. How was this possible? What value has Salesforce brought to the table to have 80+% of Fortune 500 companies rely on it? How accurate was the old Salesforce slogan “Success on demand”? Saying ‘Salesforce CRM’ is an understatement at best. It is much more than that. A customer-centric ecosystem supported by out-of-the-box solutions and a fully blown programming language platform would be better. Let’s go through the main strengths.

Easy to start, no matter how big you are

Don’t get it wrong. Project scale depends on the needs. Still, Salesforce enables a smooth delivery per its declarative capabilities and interconnected nature. Usually, you build on top of the existing solution. Most is ready to be set up.


Customer-centric in nature

A lot has been said on customer 360* view. But, it is out of the box with Salesforce. From the marketing, no matter the channel, to post-sales support and engagement – you can see the whole customer story with you. For the benefit of your own and your client.


Proven effectiveness

What would you say on 44% increase in sales productivity, 35% in customer satisfaction, 25% in revenue? How are Salesforce clients getting such results? It varies. Visibility, single data source, mobility and ease of use. Automation, AI-enabled scorings, logistics. We are barely touching the iceberg tip. And there is a platform down beneath, allowing you to custom-build whatever is needed for the organization.

Everything built-in

AI, reporting, analytics, forecasting, omnichannel, integration/connectivity, mobile. You name it.


Ability to grow with company’s needs

Imagine the scenario of a simple need of CRM. If you have 10 sales representatives you can quickly build a CRM and enable bottom-up visibility, reporting, forecasting etc.

Salesforce is there to help you. If the company grows, the solution will handle additional thousands of sales reps from the box. You might need solid support processes, communities for customers, marketing tools that can help to keep the growth – yes, that’s still Salesforce.

Additional products can be attached easily to existing ones, share the data, extend the company’s capabilities. Salesforce will grow with your company.



Forbes keeps Salesforce on top of the trustworthy companies list. It is for a reason. Salesforce went to great lengths to establish itself in this role.

A good example is a Salesforce trust platform to monitor and transparently inform clients on any deviations regarding security and performance in real-time.

It is safe from the box. If big pharma, known for its highly regulated nature, trusts Salesforce as a CRM tool and validated regulatory software, then most of the industries should do too.


Billennium and Salesforce. What we are good at

We are bringing experience in many industries and sectors, also scales. We work for Fortune 500 listed companies. We are serious about the quality. Let’s talk Salesforce if you want to know more.



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