Competence Centers – more than just IT Outsourcing

Explore our Competence Centers. Over 20 years of experience in delivering IT competences to our clients and constant search for the perfect service enabled us to create an original, innovative model of cooperation.

We take IT outsourcing to the next level.

We have been working with more than a hundred companies, so we understand the challenges they face. Thousands of talks with customers and detailed analyses have led us to create the Competence Centers, of which we are very proud. With this unique approach, we are a perfect technological partner regardless of the model of cooperation – managed services or staff augmentation.

Discover Billennium Competence Centers


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UX & Design

We support our corporate and institutional clients and implement internal projects where we develop tools that increase the competitive advantage of Billennium S.A. We work in the Scrum/Agile environment and follow the Constant Improvement philosophy..

Software Development

We believe that Software Development is so much more than just code writing. The Competence Center provides clients with the highest quality of service in accordance with the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto..


We manage various business service providers and integrate them so that your organization can use one system convenient for all users across the company..

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Competence Center specialists participate in every stage of software development to ensure the highest quality - we carry out both automatic and manual tests..

DevOps & Clouds

We accelerate the process of software delivery, migrate projects to the cloud environment and take care of project security - all this in our DevOps & Clouds Competence Center..

CRM (Salesforce)

Over 60 specialists from the CRM Competence Center are ready to help you implement, support and continuously maintain CRM in your organization. See how we take business to the next level..


The Automation Competence Center is comprised of digital transformation specialists. Optimize processes and reduce costs with our support!.

Project Management & Scrum Masters

Forget about troublesome IT projects. In our Competence Center, we will manage your projects so that you can quickly and easily implement any project you can dream of..

Data Management

The Data Management Competence Center is comprised of over 80 specialists who, with the appropriate Business Intelligence tools and methodologies, will help you to make the best decisions for your business..

Document Management

Store, edit and save your document history online and reduce paper consumption with our Document Management Competence Center..

Development Lifecycle Tools

At the Development Lifecycle Tools Competence Center, we help our clients by installing and maintaining tools supporting the software development processes..


we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, so we are always ready to help our clients.


models of cooperation - we work in both a managed services model and body and team leasing.


employees - we are a large team with a wide range of skills.

Forms of cooperation

In the Competence Centers, we work in all models of cooperation with clients – managed services and staff augmentation (teams and people). We don’t only provide IT outsourcing services at the highest level, but we are also advisors for our clients. That’s why we always help to choose the appropriate form of cooperation for specific clients’ needs.

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Managed services

Step up to a higher level of IT outsourcing. Work with us in the managed services model and take the burden of caring for the process off your shoulders.

Managed services are an ideal solution when you would like to take care of a separate area – service, applications etc. Then we take over responsibility for the whole area together with active participation in its development in accordance with the strategy agreed with you. We are not only IT specialists – we will be a consultant available for you during our whole cooperation.

Why managed services?

Staff augmentation – teams

A synergy of competences and supervision – the advantages of leasing teams.

Staff augmentation with whole teams means speed and efficiency in answering to real and updated needs of our clients. It also means constant support of a team leader who will be your contact person. And above all, it means top knowledge and synergy of competences which will lead to the client’s success.

Staff augmentation – people

If you want to develop your business and lack staff, hire our specialists.

Flawless delivery – this is staff augmentation in Billennium. We work in the majority of technologies and our recruiters can do magic when finding the right people, even in niche technologies. Thanks to that you’ll have rapidly all the people you need. They can work on-site or off-site and you can decrease the costs of hiring a professional.

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