High-performance Genomics Visualization Frontend Software Engineer

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In Billennium, our experts work hard every day to deliver the most innovative IT solutions and services for business. We’ve helped over a hundred companies by optimizing processes, developing dedicated software, and offering services in IT outsourcing.   For over 18 years we’ve been gaining experience that let us create the best way to fulfill all the clients’ needs. We built Competence Centers, which are the best solution for companies looking for something more than IT outsourcing and software development services. Our original concept lets us deliver skilled experts in the majority of technologies – also very unique ones - in the fastest and the most effective way. We connect top specialists with the top companies and work in various models – managed services or staff augmentation. The Data Science and Statistical Computation group seeks creative and motivated High-performance Genomics Visualization Frontend Software Engineer to join the development of scalable, performant interactive data analysis applications for spatial transcriptomics, and other integrative workflows involving imaging and genomic data.

Your role

  • Collaboratively and pragmatically solve scientific software engineering challenges encountered at the forefront of spatial transcriptomics interactive data analysis and visualization.
  • Work with business analysts, computational scientists, and other software engineers to understand and conceptualize the complex, emerging needs of our scientists, whether they are working at the keyboard or the bench.
  • Collaborate with local and off-shore engineering teams to support your software development efforts.
  • Contribute to the broader scientific community through open-source software development.

Your skills & experience

  • BS or higher in bioinformatics, computer science, mathematics or related fields.
  • 5+ years experience (including any graduate school) developing tools for interactive data analysis and visualization. Seniority of position will depend on experience and other factors.
  • Expertise in modern JS (ES6) and JavaScript data visualization libraries, e.g., d3.js (A must to have)
  • Expertise with high performance web-based visualization frameworks, e.g., WebGL, three.js, ScatterGL. (A must to have)
  • Expertise with modern JS application frameworks (e.g., ReactJS) (A must to have)
  • Familiarity with UI design best practices, usability testing and iterative design
  • Experience deploying performant software in cloud environments
  • Experience supporting data science activities using FAIR data management and reproducible practices.
  • Demonstrated adherence to best practices in software engineering, particularly usability, version control, testing, and appropriate use of abstraction.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate about complex bioinformatics problems to peers, users and leadership.
  • Biological domain knowledge, specifically in single cell genomics, and basic data analysis skills are desirable but not required.
  • Familiarity with formal build/release/deploy and continuous integration frameworks is a plus.
  • You are enthusiastic about working in a scientific environment, especially one that is related to drug discovery and development.
  • You are a quick learner, are curious about new areas and the opportunity to build expertise, and courageously and creatively take initiative to see your ideas implemented.
  • You are attracted by the challenges of developing software that solves universal problems in bioinformatics.
  • You are able to perform at a high level in a fast changing and demanding environment.
  • You are pragmatic about the tradeoffs between features, quality, and timeliness.
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