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AI_Genius Challenge competition – find out the results!

Artificial intelligence is now playing an increasingly important role in the transformation of business. It is becoming integral to everyday life, revolutionising our lives in almost every aspect. Hence, at Billennium, we organised a competition for employees – the task was to create an application using the possibilities offered by AI. Which project won the most praise from the jury?


John McCarthy introduced the concept of artificial intelligence as early as the 1950s at the Dartmouth Conference. Already at that time, the possibilities of the technology were recognised, and research into its development is constantly being deepened.

The development of AI is bringing new opportunities to the market to build business models and improve service quality. With artificial intelligence and machine learning development, companies can automate customer service, personalise their offers and analyse documents more effectively and efficiently. Thanks to this technology, productivity growth could be as high as 11-37% by 2035 (European Parliament Think Tank, 2020).

At Billennium, we are aware of the potential that the development of AI brings. We want to be at the forefront of this change, which is why we are extending our commitment to its development by introducing initiatives that promote the understanding and use of this powerful technology.

Our mission is to create innovative solutions that change how people work, communicate and live. We also want to encourage our employees to explore this amazing field and develop their own AI skills.

That is why we are proud to announce the results of our latest competition – the AI_Genius Challenge. It was aimed at creating a prototype of an internal application that would bring real benefits to the organisation and support the company’s processes.  


On 22 and 23 June, meetings were held with the Jury, which consisted of:

  • Bartosz Łopiński – CEO Billennium,
  • Paweł Ćwieka – CDO Billennium,
  • Przemysław Gołaszewski – Head of Digital Advisory,
  • Rafał Albin – Chief Marketing and Operations Officer, Microsoft Poland Board Member,
  • Pamela Krzypkowska – AI Cloud Architect Microsoft.


During the hour-long meeting, the participants presented a demo of their solution and answered questions posed by the competition’s chapter.

By the decision of the Jury, the winners were Jakub Wujek and Jakub Chojnacki, who prepared the project ‘AI – Assistant for People Managers’. The main idea of this project is to facilitate feedback management and data collection from quarterly interviews. The solution aims to streamline the information management process and provide more precise support to employees.

As part of the award, the winners will attend the AIES 2023 conference in Montreal – the most important international event dedicated to artificial intelligence.

The jury also appreciated the project prepared by Daniel Konieczny – ‘A bot to support recruitment and technical interviewing’. By the decision of the Management Board, this idea will be further developed and launched into production.

We want to thank all participants once again for their work, creativity and extraordinary enthusiasm they put into creating and presenting their equally fascinating projects. Thanks to your efforts, innovative minds, and professionalism, we can continue our mission of delivering innovative solutions.


Congratulations to all the winners!