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Billennium Among the Best Employers in Poland

The Great Place to Work is an international certificate awarded to the best employers in the world. Billennium has taken part in that initiative for the first time, and received the desired distinction at once. In a survey carried out by an external auditor, our employees have appreciated, first of all, such aspects as: atmosphere, integrity, equality, and work-life balance.

This prestigious certificate has been awarded as a result of an audit carried out by an external company: Great Place to Work – a global authority in workplace culture analysis.

The survey was conducted in April, with the participation of 700 employees selected at random, who received specific questionnaires from the auditor. On the basis of the answers provided, Trust Index© of our company has been defined, which amounted to as much as 75% (the certificate is awarded to companies which receive at least 65%).

This is an excellent result, as an average  for Poland is 48%. Owing to the certificate received as well as the high score, we can take part in the Great Place to Work in Poland 2021 contest.


Billennium, simply a great place to work

Since its founding, we have wanted Billennium to be a place friendly to each employee, a place which gives them a sense of security and stability, as well as opportunities for development and realization of professional careers.

We wanted to establish a company distinguished in the market not only by the quality of the solutions provided, but also by friendly work environment; an organization of fist choice for the best specialists. Our greatest achievement is creating a unique community of Billennials — talented people devoted to their work, who also value good relationships; friendly, open to others, always ready to help and share their knowledge.

The vision of our company is reflected in our values — Trust, Innovation, Growth, Energy and Responsibility (TIGER). Each day, we cultivate them with our actions, and transfer them further to next generations of our employees. At the same time, we also strive to make them visible in the relations with our business partners and clients.

In my career, I have worked for many organizations, often large corporations in various places across the globe. However, never have I met such atmosphere and such a fantastic team I am delighted to collaborate with in Billennium.

The company attitude is also worth noting here — openness to changes, transparency, no glass ceiling. All that makes the employees engage eagerly in various initiatives and in the corporate life; they have real influence on how the organization works.

Another characteristic of Billennium I have never seen before is a great flexibility towards people — if you need a day off, you want to do your job in different hours or different location, or you have made a mistake — you can always count on the support from your manager. You feel we are one team who has a common goal.

Piotr Chmielowski General Manager Billennium Canada

What counts are good relations, equality and work-life balance

To achieve the Great Place to Work certificate is a tremendous prestige, but the greatest benefit from the survey is to know what the employees think about our company. In this way, we could see the strengths, but also the weaknesses of our organization that we should improve. At first, we present what our employees value the most in their employer.

Work-life balance

Our work can be difficult and demanding, and the COVID-19 pandemic has proven even more so how important it is to maintain proper balance between work and private life. Billennium has always counted on strong flexibility in its collaboration with people, which was clearly reflected in the survey results: for more than 90% employees, flexibility is a key advantage.

They stress such factors as: flexible approach to working time and tasks performed — you can go out while you are at work, you can render your services from any place, you can be employed on various bases, or you can take the day off when you really need it. We are perfectly aware that when we work mostly from home, the moments for taking breath and leaving your workstation for a while have become more and more important.

For us, what counts are tasks completed, not the time you log in the system. This is why as many as 89% employees claim that our system of work favours combining career with being a parent!


Equality and respect

Currently, Billennium has more than 1300 people on board on several continents. Each team member is important for us — we put people and their engagement in the projects first. This is what the survey results show — at least 89% of our employees believe that at Billennium, all people are treated equally, irrespective of their age, sex, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

What is more, to err is human, sometimes we have bad days and we are not able to cope with the most demanding challenges. Then, each employee may count on the understanding and support from their manager, mentor, or other team member.

We form the Billennium Squad — we win together and we go through (rare 😊) defeats together. Each employee is important for us, so as soon as their current project ends, we search for another project for them, tailored to their professional skills and interests. No man left behind!


Atmosphere and friendship

Colleagues and atmosphere in the company or the team are elements which allow us to go to work every day with pleasure and smile on the face. What we share is not only common projects and passion for technology, but also values we live in. We are open to everybody, we support each other in hard moments and we celebrate successes together.

We do not create artificial barriers — you can talk to anybody, no matter what your position in the company is. We put heart and soul into making new employees feel a part of our team as soon as they sign their contract.

While describing Billennium, as many as 93% respondents considered “friendship” as one of the most important features. It means that there is a friendly atmosphere in the company, and each new employee receives a warm welcome.

Constant striving for excellence

One of the five Billennium values is Growth, i.e., constant improvement of the organization and its employees, so that they could better respond to the market needs and build the competitiveness. It means not only acquiring skills, winning clients or opening new offices in another country, but also adapting the company to changing conditions and demands.

It means also personal and professional development of each member of the Billennium team, in order to be better and more confident in performing tasks and to achieve the goals set. The audit carried out as a part of the Great Place to Work certification process also showed the areas which require improvement and allowed us to know the needs of our employees better.

The pandemic has turned many things in our lives upside down and although the company went through this period quite safely, and our employees have not suffered its negative consequences directly, we are still working on modifying our modus operandi. We do care for involving all team in the corporate life, in creating and decision-making  — to make Billennium even greatest place to work.

For sure, we see strong potential for development  in our perks — they need to be adjusted to the new reality. Also, our offices, as well as the mode of communication or work style have changed. Now, as we operate remotely  to a major extent, each element which has impact on employee experience is particularly important for us, and no negative opinion from the survey will be left unaddressed. At Billennium, we put people first!

IT for people. People for IT.