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Billennium supports Microsoft in taking the cloud to the next level

At the end of April, the launch of Microsoft’s most advanced and first data processing region in Central and Eastern Europe – Azure Poland Central – greatly impacted our country.

This is a continuation of the American company’s over 30-year commitment to Poland and its dedication to supporting business development, economy and strengthening digital competencies. As Billennium, the Golden Partner and Partner of the Year 2021 of Microsoft in Poland, we also participated in this event. What was it all about?

Azure Poland Central’s cloud center consists of three independent locations near Warsaw, each comprising one or more data centers. They provide the highest standards of security, privacy, and compliance with regulations regarding data storage in the country. Launching these new locations is another milestone in accelerating innovation and transformation in the Polish Digital Valley program.


Business first! – Billennium among key Microsoft partners

The opening campaign for Microsoft’s cloud region in Poland lasted over three months. The culminating moment was the “Taking Cloud to the Next Level” conference on April 26th at Warsaw’s Expo XXI. The hybrid event brought together over 600 business leaders in person and over 2,000 live stream viewers.

One of the critical goals of the entire initiative was to invite Microsoft’s clients and key partners to present their inspiring stories in the context of developing innovative solutions within organizations.

In this group, Billennium, of course, could not be absent! In addition to us, the American company also honored other firms such as Intel, PwC, Accenture, Avanade, Commvault, GFT, Red Hat, Sii, Veeam, Nordcloud, SoftwareOne, Quest, and KPMG. We are delighted to be present in such an esteemed group!

The benefits of participating in this initiative are building strong relationships, mutual reinforcement of market messages, positioning as trusted business partners, and positively impacting jointly executed projects.


Billennium and Inperly’s Special Zone

During the conference, event partners showcased their latest technological solutions in the specially created Microsoft & Partners Experience Zone.

Microsoft’s event was an inspiring meeting with experts and business leaders. We discussed topics such as security, artificial intelligence, and investments in automation. We are honored to be part of this key project in the development of the digital economy in Poland. As the Golden Partner, we had a special Billennium and Inperly zone. We thank Microsoft and are pleased that, as Billennium, we could also contribute to this initiative.

Iwona Rabiega Channel Executive, Billennium

Representing Billennium at this event were our experts: Bartosz Łopiński, Iwona Rabiega, Tomasz Osipiak, Grzegorz Ławnik, Michał Halagiera, Przemysław Gołaszewski, Radosław Mackiewicz, Kamil Wysocki, Dominik Rogoziński, Łukasz Stypułkowski, Michał Falkowski, Grzegorz Bystry, and Wojciech Brach.


Successful Presentation of Billennium’s Cooperation with the Center of Information Technology of the Ministry of Finance

The Microsoft & Partners Experience Zone also included the Microsoft Technology Center for Innovation, where companies presented scenarios for utilizing AI, metaverse, and other innovations.

As Billennium, we presented a video case study of our successful cooperation with the Center of Information Technology of the Ministry of Finance (CIRF), prepared by Microsoft for this event.

Sensitive data security, reliability, and ease of use are conditions that every IT solution in the public finance sector must meet. We cannot afford any compromises. Billennium knows this, as we collaborate with them. Maximum benefits with minimal effort for taxpayers. We set these requirements while working on the system for single sign-on (SSO) to the e-Tax Office. Thanks to this, a single click is enough to access multiple services at once.

Hubert Gniadowicz Director of the Center of Information Technology of the Ministry of Finance (CIRF)

By utilizing the Azure Poland Central data processing center, we are sure to meet strict requirements in Poland and Europe. Another benefit is that the applications we create are scalable, efficient, and secure.

Bartosz Łopiński CEO of Billennium

Even greater power for Inperly!

Billennium’s involvement in the development of Microsoft Azure Poland Central also translates into the development of Inperly, which utilizes the capabilities of the new data centers.

The main benefits for businesses include:

  • Improved Digital Services: This affects faster operations, reduced data overload, decreased delays, accelerated application data storage processes, real-time analytics, and data backup.
  • GDPR Compliance: The data center in Poland enables storing and processing of information by European requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Once again, we would like to thank Microsoft for the opportunity to participate in this initiative and for the chance to showcase the capabilities of Billennium!


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