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Billennium supports the Bring Women Back to Work program

We are excited to announce that Billennium is participating in the Bring Women Back to Work program created by Salesforce in collaboration with its Partners. This is a joint action of the Partnership, Marketing, and Salesforce teams at Billennium. We are happy to be a part of this initiative and actively support women in returning to their careers.


The Bring Women Back to Work program aims to support women to return to the labor market after a break due to motherhood, illness, or other life circumstances.

The program includes a 12-month training cycle, during which the participants will acquire knowledge and skills in sales, consulting, marketing, and technical expertise in Salesforce solutions.

Upon completion, the participants will have the opportunity to take three certification exams, including Salesforce Administrator Certification, which will enhance their value in the job market.

In addition to training, Salesforce provides mentoring and work experience opportunities within their teams, and the participants’ resumes will be shared with us and other Partners who are able to hire them.

As a program Partner, we are collaborating with Salesforce on all initiatives to support female participants.


For more information on the Bring Women Back to Work program, visit: https://www.salesforce.com/eu/campaign/bwbw/