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Billennium at conferences: activity summary of the first half of 2022

After a many-month break caused by the pandemic, normal life has returned, which means that more and more in-person events are being held. We’ve all gotten used to working remotely and its advantages, but in many situations personal contact works best.

One example, of course, are events and everything associated with them, i.e. building relationships with partners and clients, meetings in a larger group and networking. Here is a short summary of where we were in the first half of 2022.

In the last few weeks, we have been extremely busy attending various events. We not only took an active part in several events but also co-created one of them.

The aforementioned advantages, i.e. meetings with partners and potential clients, discussions and networking, are of course not our only goals. It was also a great opportunity to show off our work, competencies and build the image of Billennium in the market of IT services for business.


ABSL Summit 2022

The first such event was the ABSL Summit 2022 conference. In short, ABSL is one of the most important organisations in this part of Europe bringing together companies providing business services, including IT.

Their flagship project is the ABSL Summit – an event that annually attracts thousands of representatives of the largest companies operating in this sector, as well as experts and authorities from the world of business, politics, and culture.

It was no different this year as the speakers included Garry Kasparov, Al Gore, Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Szczepan Twardoch. Participation in this event was for us not only a great opportunity to discuss and network on important business topics, but also an opportunity to show Billennium as a trusted partner in the field of digital transformation, implementation of cloud solutions, and providing organisations with the highest level of security.

However, we did not limit ourselves to the mere presence and building business relationships. As part of the ABSL Summit, our CEO, Bartosz Łopiński, took part in discussions with the heads of the largest shared service centres on the globalization of the labour market and its impact on business, as well as participated in an expert debate on the importance and role of external stakeholders in the building and global expansion of companies.

Participation in the conference was also an opportunity for Billennium to show how our high competences and commitment translate into benefits for customers. The reason for this was the joint presentation of a case study by Michał Halagiera and Błażej Fiecek from E.ON Foton, during which we told how, thanks to close cooperation, we managed to face the business and technological challenges of the RES sector.

Microsoft Envision Poland

Billennium’s success and the growth of our business are the result of many factors, including the commitment and competences of our employees, company know-how, but also close cooperation with our technological partners.

That is why we are always willing to take joint initiatives and engage in their projects, thanks to which we can strengthen relationships and show expertise in the areas of our partners’ specialisation.

One occasion for this was the Microsoft Envision Poland conference, which is currently the largest Microsoft event in our country, setting trends in organisation development and showing various aspects of digital change. Our presence as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year and Event Partner was crucial as it confirmed our competences and commitment.

During the conference, Michał Halagiera took part in the discussion panel entitled “Don’t predict, get to know the recipient of your services“, which concerned the important role of digitization and customer experience in delivering value to the company’s customers. We encourage all those interested to watch the panel here.

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“Feel the Harmony” – first anniversary of the Google Cloud Warsaw region

The first anniversary of the Google Cloud Warsaw region, an event of our next important technology and business partner, was also an extremely valuable experience for us. During this event we set up a stand with our experts who were willing to share their knowledge with participants and talked about solutions based on the Google cloud environment.

Technology and business breakfast: Ensure business continuity with AWS technologies

As we mentioned at the beginning, we were not only an active participant, but we also co-created one of the events, which was a technology and business breakfast: Ensure business continuity with AWS technologies. AWS is also one of our key partners and every year we implement more and more projects based on the environment and technology of this company. During the meeting, our colleagues – Tomasz Osipiak, Michał Halagiera and Łukasz Stypułkowski, talked about how to use AWS cloud solutions to deal with current business challenges.This conference was much more specialised in nature, but it was an equally important event for us because it allowed us to position ourselves even more as an expert in the field of solutions of Seattle’s technology giant.

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2022 isn’t over yet

In the coming months, of course, we do not intend to rest on our laurels and are already planning to participate in further events together with our partners.

One of Billennium’s main values ​​is development, and thanks to participating in such events, inspiring discussions and valuable meetings with partners and authorities, we can expand our knowledge, build an expert image of Billennium on the market and reach new customers.

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