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Billennium Expands Executive Management Team

Billennium, a global IT services and digital transformation provider, is proud to announce the expansion of its executive management team. This strategic move underscores our commitment to strengthening our global presence and accelerating our transformation. We are pleased to welcome two esteemed professionals: 

  • Nina Nourafrouz as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) 
  • Piotr Kawęcki as Chief Business Delivery Officer (CBDO)


Nina Nourafrouz, our new Chief Growth Officer, brings a wealth of experience in strategic vision and leadership. With a strong focus on customer-centric approaches and data-driven decision-making, Nina is well-equipped to identify market opportunities and drive innovation. Her expertise will be instrumental in enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional value to our partners, clients, and stakeholders. Nina will continue accelerating value and efficiency for our customers, working closely with our partners to deliver innovative solutions and services. 

Nina commented, “A central element of my leadership strategy is to prioritize customer-first thinking and act as a global solution and service provider. I am committed to improving our processes and fostering collaboration across teams and regions, driving excellence towards an international, customer-centric, and data-driven organization. Together with our partners, we will accelerate value creation and operational efficiencies, ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service and innovation.” 

Piotr Kawęcki, as Chief Business Delivery Officer, will continue to ensure excellent service quality and top-tier customer satisfaction. Piotr’s dedication to optimizing our delivery framework and bolstering our global market presence aligns seamlessly with Billennium’s mission and vision. He is committed to implementing best practices and achieving operational excellence, ensuring consistent, high-quality outcomes for our clients. Additionally, Piotr will spearhead initiatives aimed at enhancing our delivery capabilities to better support our clients’ evolving needs. 

Piotr stated, “Enhancing customer satisfaction and supporting clients in achieving their business goals are foundational to my efforts and continue to guide our drive towards optimizing delivery excellence. My focus is on delivering successful outcomes for our customers globally, continually strengthening the ‘follow the sun’ approach to reduce delivery times, optimize costs, and, most importantly, maintain close collaboration and relationships with clients through our global presence. In delivering projects and services, I am committed to a partnership approach over a supplier relationship, constantly fostering stronger ties with our clients. This commitment is achieved through a deep understanding of our clients’ specific ecosystems, precise identification, and cost-effective fulfillment of their needs, which in turn identifies growth opportunities for Billennium as it evolves alongside its clients. By enacting changes within our organization, implementing best practices, and pursuing operational excellence, we will ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. 

With these new appointments, the Billennium executive management team now comprises: 

  • Bartosz Łopiński, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Paweł Ćwieka, Chief Competence Officer 
  • Grzegorz Rycaj, Chief Operations Officer 
  • Anna Telega-Gardyńska, Chief Human Resources Officer 
  • Nina Nourafrouz, Chief Growth Officer 
  • Piotr Kawęcki, Chief Business Delivery Officer