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Billennium supports female leaders in the technology industry as part of the Strong Women in IT initiative

At Billennium, we are committed to shaping an organizational culture that is open to diversity and inclusion. We are a global organization operating on three continents. This is our strength, which drives our creativity, innovation, and success. That’s why we are even more committed to fostering inclusive values inside and outside the organization and supporting initiatives that promote a culture of Diversity & Inclusion.


We are pleased to be a Strategic Partner of the Strong Women in IT 2023 – Global Edition report. The purpose of this project is to support and showcase extraordinary women who are developing the new technology industry around the world.

They are the main protagonists of the report “Strong Women in IT 2023 – Global Edition”. The presentation of their experiences is intended to motivate other women to become active and successful in the IT industry and to show their development paths, reflections and practices!

The report will highlight women in leadership positions in the new technology industry, including C-level experts, directors, and department heads.

We invite all female leaders and professionals from around the world who work in the IT field to participate in this report, and everyone, regardless of gender, to nominate female authorities. This can be done via a special form on the Strong Women in IT website.

This year’s report will focus on several key areas:

  1. Professional and Private Leadership: with a focus on highlighting the experiences of women who have achieved leadership positions in their professional and private lives.
  2. Work-life integration: analyzing factors that prevent women from achieving work-life balance and looking at the solutions.
  3. Challenges pertaining to the state of the market: The report will touch on specific challenges that women face in the rapidly changing IT industry.
  4. Technology overload: As the role of technology is rapidly growing, the report will examine the effects of technology overload on female leaders and provide guidance on how to deal with it.
  5. Key trends in the IT industry: The report will analyze the current trends shaping the IT industry, providing valuable information for female leaders and future professionals.


In addition to the mentioned subject areas, the document will also include advice for those starting their careers in the industry.

We are pleased that the Jury Chapter of the report includes our representative – Nina Nourafrouz, Managing Director DACH Region at Billennium.

As part of our cooperation with Strong Women in IT, our CEO – Bartosz Łopiński, took part in a webinar, during which he and other male leaders talked about how to shape organizations that are open to diversity. You can find the recording here.

Taking initiatives in line with our fundamental values is important to us. Earlier this year, Billennium announced, among other things, its participation in the Bring Women Back to Work initiative.


For more information on the Strong Women in IT report and the application form: https://strongwomeninit.com/