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Billennium Strengthens Its Leadership with Three New Members

Anna Telega-Gardyńska, Grzegorz Rycaj and Przemysław Wyszyński have joined Billennium’s Management Team in their senior roles as CHRO, COO and CRO. The newly appointed trio will prepare business models and set strategic goals for 2024.

Anna Telega-Gardyńska (CHRO): Anna has played a key role in Billennium for many years, managing human resources and supporting employees on their professional journeys. She has worked closely with the company’s management to create a working culture that fosters human development, while ensuring effective business operations. Anna’s mission is to attract, retain and grow our employees, support them in times of change and improve their experiences with the company. Her Team will continue to provide resources and knowledge to our departments, employees, and management.

Grzegorz Rycaj (COO): Grzegorz has been involved in the IT sector since 2006. In 2013 he held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Billennium, where he built and successfully maintained business relations with Microsoft. As the Leadership Team member at Predica Group and GetinData, he helped building scalable service organizations while managing operational and GTM areas. In his newly appointed position at Billennium, he will provide stable, predictable operational services and professional tools that support project/service delivery and profitability management. One of the promises he has made is to build a data-driven mindset and increase our efficiency while maintaining the growth rate. This, in turn, should lead to better efficiency in our operations and ultimately an increase in the company’s profitability.

Przemysław Wyszyński (CRO):  Przemysław most recently worked at Telnyx as Vice President of Sales in charge of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. From 2020 to 2022, he led Vonage’s business operations in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Commonwealth of Independent States. In his new position as CRO of Billennium, Przemysław will be driving revenue growth by unifying our Go-To-Market teams, aligning customer-facing functions, and effectively addressing the needs of Enterprise customers globally. He will also manage collaboration between sales, marketing, and competencies teams to generate potential clients and increase conversions. Przemysław’s role will also involve identifying and pursuing new business opportunities and partnerships to expand Billennium’s market presence. His additional task will be to establish the sales process, implement appropriate tools and set sales targets to increase revenue growth and maximize the company’s profits.

It is worth recalling that Paweł Ćwieka has been on the management board of Billennium since 2018. He creates and develops expertise in critical areas for our clients and provides the highest quality talents and solutions worldwide.

The goal of the new management team is to develop a strategy for the coming years that will help us achieve better results and increase the effectiveness of our business activities. We will continue to focus on building an international team and being a global leader in providing exceptional technology consulting and outsourcing services to enterprise-level clients worldwide.


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