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Billennium’s record revenues in 2022. Plans for 2023: opening branches in the Netherlands and Switzerland

Billennium presented its financial results for 2022. The company achieved a record PLN 351m in revenue, an increase of 26% y/y, while employing more than 500 people. This year, Billennium plans to open new foreign branches in the Netherlands and Switzerland and debut a new proprietary product for the SME sector.

Despite numerous and unexpected challenges last year, such as tax changes in Poland, risinginflation, and the war in Ukraine, the company achieved a record revenue of PLN 351 million (26% y/y increase).

The transformation that we carried out in the second half of 2022 and the creation of a global matrix structure, effective from the point of view of achieving goals, based on three areas: our offer, clients and location, allows us to act more agile and effectively and better address the needs of stakeholders in individual markets. Thanks to adopting a new approach, we are more flexible but also competitive in the countries where we are present and implement projects for our clients.

Bartosz Łopiński Chief Executive Officer, Billennium

Billennium currently employs nearly 1,800 people worldwide, of which approximately 320 work in its branches in India, Malaysia, Canada and Germany. Last year, the company employed 542 people. The company also plans further foreign expansion and opening branches in the following countries.

Business growth. In the last two years, we opened branches in Canada and Germany, which was an excellent decision, because being local and closer to our clients makes it easier for us to build lasting relationships and respond to their business needs.

Thanks to this, we also gained access to local labor markets and IT specialists with the right competencies. That is why we will open new branches in the coming months – in the Netherlands and Switzerland, where we will build teams focused on implementing projects for our partners from a given region.

Of course, we will also constantly expand our technical teams in all locations where we currently operate.

Bartosz Łopiński Chief Executive Officer, Billennium

In terms of developing its services and products, Billennium wants to focus on three areas. The first is strengthening cooperation with the company’s key technology partners and cloud technology providers – Microsoft, AWS, and Salesforce.

The second is to develop further the Inperly system – an application for Microsoft Teams, used to verify users and submit electronic signatures, which debuted on the market in December 2021.

The third area is supporting clients in implementing and using artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that will enable them to increase efficiency and competitiveness and achieve the desired business goals.

The company is also working on another proprietary solution – the Billennium Box application. This system is based on the Salesforce platform and is used to manage customer relations and sales leads.

The solution developed by Billennium is addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, and its debut is planned for the beginning of the second quarter of 2023.

Recent years have been a time of accelerated digital transformation, and cloud computing is a natural environment for building all kinds of applications and systems supporting the organization’s business processes and the basis for advanced solutions using technology such as AI, blockchain, IoT or big data.

We aim to develop competences in this area and close cooperation with the most critical partners, i.e. AWS, Microsoft or Salesforce. At this time, our partners often recommend Billennium to their clients for implementing projects based on their ecosystems.

We are also constantly developing our Inperly product, which last year, thanks to establishing cooperation with IDnow and entering the Azure Marketplace, became a global solution that can be used in 200 countries. This year, Inperly will gain more new features and trust services partners.

Soon we will also present our new product – Billennium Box, a CRM system based on Salesforce, tailored to the needs of companies from the SME sector and start-ups in terms of functions and financial capabilities.

Paweł Ćwieka Chief of Delivery, Billennium

In 2023, the company will continue to focus on globalization and expansion into foreign markets, portfolio diversification and increasing the satisfaction of its employees and clients.