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“Shape of Goodness” – Empowering Employees through CSR Grants

The “Shape of Goodness” CSR Grant Program is a global initiative launched by Billennium to support and promote its employees’ philanthropic efforts. This programme reflects Billennium’s commitment to making a positive impact on society by encouraging employees to contribute to social, environmental and educational causes. 

In the “Shape of Goodness” programme, groups of Billennium employees and collaborators have the opportunity to apply for grants to fund their unique and innovative projects. Participation in the programme provides an excellent opportunity for active involvement in local communities and contributes to the greater good. The grant is open to all interested individuals, requiring the formation of groups with a minimum of 5 Billennium participants to undertake their chosen initiatives. 

To mark its 20th anniversary, in 2023 Billennium accomplished 20 projects that were distributed across its various locations. The goal was to deliver eight projects in Poland, nine in India, two in Malaysia and one in Canada. 

Projects from the First Edition: 

The first edition of the program saw impactful projects across different regions, showcasing the diversity of ideas and dedication of Billennium employees. In Poland, these included the “Recovery Room for Animals at OTOZ Starogard Gdański,” “Safe not Just Online,” “Green Balconies in Katowice” and “Summer Football Game for Boredom”.. 

In India, there were global initiatives, such as”Donate a School Bag, Donate a Future,” “Donate to Bring Joy to Our Elderly,” “Food and Medicines for Wildlife in the Intensive Care Unit,” and “Hygiene Kit distribution”.. 

Malaysia contributed to the cause with the “Old Folks Home” project, emphasizing the importance of caring for older people. 

Projects Selected in the Second Edition: 

The second edition of the program maintained the momentum in all four countries,  with projects like “Equal Opportunities in IT,” “Distribution of Essential Articles in a School for the Blind,” “Support for the ‘Karma Animals’ Foundation,” “Distribution of Sports Equipment,” “Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle and Regular Preventive Examinations,” “Supporting Children in Need,” and “Support for a Shelter for Homeless Animals” underlining  commitment to diverse causes. 

Billennium’s “Shape of Goodness” CSR Grant Program exemplifies the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and employee engagement. By empowering its workforce to initiate and contribute to meaningful projects, Billennium is shaping a better future, making a positive impact on communities worldwide. Thank you to all the participants for your commitment to these valuable initiatives!