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Inspiring Journey of Billennium’s Female Leaders – Strong Women in IT 2023

In an era where gender equality is becoming increasingly important, global companies are at the forefront of creating organizational cultures where every employee, regardless of gender, can feel equal. That’s why at Billennium, we strongly believe that commitment to shaping an organizational culture based on diversity is significant. It drives us to take action and succeed. As a global company, we passionately and determinedly work every day to build a workplace where each one of us, regardless of gender, can feel like a full-fledged member of our team. At Billennium, we not only talk about diversity, but we live it. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of women in our industry, their visibility, and their role in driving growth, change, and shaping the future of IT.


We are proud to announce that we are a partner of the global report “Strong Women in IT 2023”. It aims to set standards for the presence of women in high positions in the new technology sector and promote best practices related to women’s roles in business.

The report is based on the insights of over 250 outstanding female leaders in the IT industry who contribute to creating and implementing global innovations. Among the participants were all female leaders and professionals from around the world working in the IT industry who either applied or were nominated by others. Through a comprehensive questionnaire, they shared their experiences and career paths. Their stories were verified, and the jury selected the most inspiring ones. These women found their place in “Strong Women in IT 2023.”

What sets this report apart from other studies is the individualized approach and in-depth analysis of responses to closed and open-ended questions, as well as in-depth interviews with the respondents, allowing us to understand these exceptional women’s stories and career paths.


We are also delighted to announce that among the exceptional leaders are our representatives:

  • Lakhitha Sabella – QA Team Leader
  • Pricilla Bilavendran – QA Team Leader
  • Agnieszka Paradzińska – Head of AWS Cloud Operations Unit
  • Esra Abu-Suleiman – HR Manager
  • Kinga Mierczyńska – Validation Team Manager
  • Karolina Szelążek – Head of Communications & EX
  • Emilia Dryżałowska – Customer Success Manager


At the same time, we are immensely pleased that Nina Nourafrouz, Managing Director of the DACH Region at Billennium, is part of the jury. She was also a speaker during the premiere of the third edition of the report. This is a great honour for Billennium and proof of our commitment to promoting the IT industry among women.

The “Strong Women in IT 2023” report focuses on understanding the true face of the new technology industry. The study concentrates on the role of women as professional and personal leaders, the challenges they face in the current market situation, and the intersection of their professional and private lives. One of the primary goals set by the report’s authors is to promote diversity, support women’s success in IT, and inspire them to seek role models worth emulating.


Here are some key findings from this year’s study:

  • 90% of respondents believe that they use their full or almost complete potential at work. At the same time, 96% of corporate managers and 87% of startup managers claim to strive for a balance between their professional and private lives.
  • “Strong Women in IT” presents the individual stories of exceptional female leaders. It is, therefore extraordinary and worth emulating that as many as 99% of women in corporations and 97% in startups support other women, perhaps future leaders, in advancing their careers. Moreover, about 90% of respondents were supported by other women during their professional journeys.
  • Women asked about the significant challenges facing their industry often point to the rapid pace of technological progress and the challenges related to recruiting employees. Women in managerial positions in the IT industry increasingly mention challenges related to cybersecurity.
  • According to Strong Women, the dominant trend in IT is the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which overshadowed other indications (90%). Cybersecurity is in second place, but significantly lower (about 30%).
  • Do women who help shape the world of new technologies realize the threats associated with their development? Definitely, yes – almost half of them see dangers in the growing number of technology addictions, FOMO (fear of missing out when disconnected from the internet), and excessive stimulation. However, they are also concerned about issues such as the negative impact on health and well-being, adverse effects on young people and offline relationships, as well as fake news and online hate speech.


But despite all the challenges highlighted in the report, almost all female leaders (96%) would choose the same career path again! Can any other industry boast such a result?

The entire report, statistics, valuable insights, and expert comments are available at the following link: Strong Women in IT 2023 – Global Edition.


At Billennium, over 500 inspiring and strong women work. Each of them has a story. Your hard work and determination make the industry increasingly open and equitable. Therefore, from this place, we sincerely thank you. Recognition is also due to all the women honoured with the title “Strong Women in IT” for their willingness to share their stories. Thanks to you, our mission of promoting equality in IT can continue.