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Transform to Thrive: Highlights from ABSL Summit 2024 in Krakow

In the first week of June, the prestigious ABSL Summit 2024 took place in Krakow, attracting top-tier global business leaders, innovators, and experts. This exclusive event provided a platform for 1,500 participants and 150 speakers to engage in over 60 debates, case studies, and workshops, all centered around the theme “Transform to Thrive. Businesses that change can survive, but businesses that transform can thrive and stay ahead of the curve. 

Our team of leaders from Billennium attended the summit, including Bartosz Łopiński (CEO), Nina Nourafrouz (Chef Growth Officer), as well as Karolina Szelążek (Head of Communications and EX), Mateusz Janiec (Head of Account Management), and colleagues from the Growth department: Tomasz Trębacz and Andrzej Kowalczyk. 

During the BFSI knowledge-sharing session, Nina Nourafrouz delivered a compelling presentation titled “Embracing Technological Change: Opportunities for Growth and the Challenges Ahead.” Her talk focused on essential topics of the industry’s future, such as regulatory compliance, integration with legacy systems, cybersecurity, and the burgeoning competition from fintech. She also emphasized the importance of securing investments in ecological and sustainable areas. Nina outlined three core areas for thriving in the evolving business landscape: 

  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Leveraging synergies to drive innovation. 
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Ensuring that customer needs and experiences are at the heart of all initiatives. 
  • Agility and Resilience: Onboarding the right talent, upskilling existing teams, and building an adaptive organizational structure. 

Following her presentation, Nina participated in a panel discussion with other industry leaders, adding further insights to the conversation on technological transformation. 

The next day, Nina Nourafrouz joined the “Roundtable with Female Leaders: Fighting the Imposter Syndrome“, where she shared her experiences and strategies for overcoming self-doubt in the professional realm. 

Our Billennium leaders were actively engaged in various interactions. Their presence at the ABSL Summit 2024 not only fostered knowledge exchange but also strengthened our network within the global business community. 

A significant highlight of the event was the presentation of our annual report on the state of the business services sector in Poland. This comprehensive document outlines trends in key areas such as investment, growth prospects, processes and languages used, sector-friendly cities, and the employment landscape. You can access the report here. 

We extend our congratulations to ABSL Poland for organizing an event of the highest caliber and creating a professional platform for cultivating valuable business relationships. 

The insights and connections gained from the ABSL Summit 2024 will undoubtedly drive Billennium towards greater innovation and excellence on our transformation journey.