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We are growing in Kuala Lumpur! We will be hiring more specialists and providing them with a more spacious office

Only 6 years ago, 250 people were working in Billennium and we were just beginning to think about foreign branches. Today we have over 1200 specialists, we provide services in over 50 technologies, we work across 3 continents and carry out technologically advanced projects for customers in the Follow the Sun model on a daily basis. We are present in 9 offices in Poland as well as in India (Pune), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and the United States (New York).

We are constantly developing because we respond to our clients’ expectations. Today, effective IT outsourcing means a global reach, the best specialists from growing markets, and a 24/7 service delivery. We want to be effective, so we are not slowing down. We invest where we see great potential for strengthening the quality and scope of services.


We are growing, so we are changing our office into Kuala Lumpur – into a larger one

Our branch in Kuala Lumpur will be expanded. We will be employing more specialists with different competencies and will provide them with excellent conditions in the new location. The new office will accommodate up to 150 people, to whom this year we will provide individual, ergonomic workstations and the possibility to use the spacious meeting rooms.

The Pinnacle Sunway – that is the name of the skyscraper – is characterized by several interesting architectural solutions. Special rainwater tanks allow for ecological irrigation of nearby areas, double glass in the windows ensures maintaining a comfortable temperature in the building, and an intelligent building management system guarantees, among other things, an appropriate level of fresh air, and adjusts the level of carbon dioxide concentration.

All of this is to ensure the most comfortable conditions for our specialists to develop and implement the most advanced projects – also in cooperation with Billennials working from other locations. As befits a Billennium office, our interiors will be filled with green and orange colors.

Why are we investing in Malaysia?

This is an essential step in the implementation of our development strategy based on Competence Centers – specialized hubs bringing together experts who are perfecting themselves in specific technological areas, and who are mutually driven by knowledge and unique competencies. We have organized them in such a manner that national borders or time zone diversity do not limit our capabilities. They broaden them!


A specialist with the knowledge of Mandarin language needed? In the Malaysian team, we have several of them on board. A meeting with a client at 4:00 am Polish time? We are prepared for that. Quick knowledge transfer? We cross-skill between all locations. Is there a need to create a team within a few days, handling technologies that are difficult to obtain in Poland? We are present on the markets that provide us with this.


In Kuala Lumpur we have members of our mixed teams working on a number of projects that require continuous work and constant contact with clients from around the world. We collect data around the clock, validate systems, and manage software quality – and these are just a few examples of our activities. We want and will implement yet more of such projects – even more efficiently.


We already employ specialists in Malaysia:

  • ITIL Development,
  • Information Development,
  • QA Manual,
  • Automation,
  • ServiceNow,
  • WebMethods,
  • Mulesoft,
  • Pega,
  • Validation,
  • SAP,
  • and others.


Office opening soon

The new office will be opened to Billennials later this year. This is an important step for Billennium and a great opportunity to celebrate. We would like to organize a special celebration for our employees – we hope that the pandemic situation will allow us to organize it. Soon we will announce the launch of a larger branch. We are looking forward to it!