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Paperless Office is a modular and scalable platform optimizing business processes and document workflow, so you can focus on the important thing – the growth of your organization.

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Post Registration Paperless Mailroom

Register your documents quickly and easily

  • Built-in OCR.
  • Integration with post operations.
  • Integration with scanners.
  • Documents archiving.

Process management Paperless BPM

One place for all your business processes

  • Multiple process management.
  • Graphical modeler for processes and forms.
  • Notifications and alerts.
  • Replacement management.

E-repository Paperless Safe

Have quick access to electronic documents from a browser

  • Document searching by different criteria – attributes or content.
  • Document version control.
  • Posibility to darken sensitive data in document images.
  • An extensive system of authorizations and assigned permissions.

Biometric signature Paperless Signature

Sign documents without printing

  • Registration of static and dynamic handwritten biometric signature data according to the EU EIDAS regulation and respected by the Polish law.
  • Registration of signatures on dedicated signature pads or tablets.
  • Verification of the signature with a reference signature.

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