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We create comprehensive, secure and scalable solutions for enterprises.
We support our customers in cloud migration and digital transformation and deliver tools to make their daily work more efficient.

Our partnership with Microsoft, coupled with the highest level of competency offered by our team of highly skilled specialists, enables us to quickly build, scale growth, and power your transformation with Microsoft technology.

  • Our comprehensive approach to projects allows us to provide support, guidance and managed services from solution implementation to daily maintenance.
  • Whether you are considering moving your business to the cloud, want to automate and improve your team's workflow, or need advice in any other field, we'll help you stay at the forefront of innovation to expand your opportunities.

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Billennium is proud to be honored as a Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021. This award is the official confirmation of outstanding competence, which allowed us to become a market leader in developing solutions based on Microsoft technologies.


Having the "Migrate Enterprise Apps to Microsoft Azure" and "Microsoft Low Code Application Development” specializations and being a Microsoft Solutions Partner in most of their competencies, we are ready to align with your business objectives and bring value from day one.

  • Solution Assessment

    Our teams use proven tactics to dig deep into the problem, make preliminary evaluations, outline the next steps, and put vision into action. From the Value Proposition Canvas to the Design Sprint, we follow industry best practices to define the scope of your solution.

  • Solution Concept

    We start with a test or pilot project to check if your idea can be transformed into a successful solution. Our team will create a Proof-of-Concept instance and demonstrate how it works in detail. This provides a more accurate view of its capabilities and allows us to address any of your concerns.

  • Project Delivery

    The adoption of a new platform will have an impact on many employees. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience with Microsoft products and understand what it takes for employees to adjust to organizational changes seamlessly. With our help, you will secure team buy-in and a smooth transition to the new technology.

Maintenance & Further Development

After the implementation is complete, we will continue to manage your solution using a choice of efficient communication methods and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). To guarantee that everything runs smoothly, our experienced specialists will provide you with first-line support and deploy reliable SLA monitoring and reporting systems.


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Supported Environments

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We focus on developing high-performance and scalable applications based on Azure services.

  • Build and modernize apps with containers, databases, and AI  
  • Migrate .NET and Java apps to App Service 
  • Accelerate Developer Productivity with DevOps and GitHub 
  • Deploy Azure integration services and Power Apps 
  • Well-Architected 

We use cutting-edge low-code Power Platform technology to create applications that enable rapid deployment in the customer’s environment.

Accelerate Innovation with Low Code: 

  • Power Apps  
  • Power Automate 
  • Power Pages Power Virtual Agents

We apply advanced OpenAI tools and algorithms developed by OpenAI to automate and optimize business processes.

  • SQL Server Migration to Azure SQL MI 
  • Appliance Migration to Azure Synapse 
  • New Analytics with Synapse & PowerBI 
  • Cloud Scale Analytics 
  • Build and modernize apps with containers, databases, and AI 
  • Internet of Things 
  • Well-Architected

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