Snowflake AI Data Cloud

Our partnership with Snowflake enables us to offer customized, industry-focused solutions to help our customers leverage the full power of Snowflake Data Cloud across a wide range of workloads, such as data warehousing, data lakes, AI, and machine learning.

  • 30+ skilled developers
  • Official Snowflake certifications
  • 35+ specialists available for retraining
  • Activeness in Snowflake Community
30+ skilled developers
Official Snowflake certifications
35+ specialists available for retraining
Activeness in Snowflake Community

Mobilize your data with near-unlimited scale

What powers our collaboration with Snowflake is our team of seasoned architects and engineers. Their expertise in managing large data sets across multiple projects ensures our cooperation grows and thrives. That’s why, when selecting a project team for you, we consider many factors, such as relevant domain experience and other technology skills, to better adapt to your specific requirements.

We will seamlessly implement and migrate Snowflake’s platform solutions for you while optimizing costs and handling even the most complex tasks.

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Examples of our successful migrations

These tangible achievements highlight our expertise in implementing Snowflake’s platform. From Business Intelligence to AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data, we specialize in implementing bespoke solutions customized to your needs.

With proficiency in modern data management practices such as Data Mesh and DataOps and modeling methodologies like Data Vault, we are at the forefront of migrating analytics solutions to the cloud and optimizing them into robust data products.

Check out the use cases below for tangible examples of our successful migrations.

  • 01

    Vertica + EMR [Hadoop] to Snowflake (cloud to cloud)

    Result: The migration of medical device diagnostic analytics improved data loading, data flows, overall system functionality, and increased flexibility in the evolution of the data product.

  • 02

    Teradata to Snowflake (on-prem to cloud)

    Result: The migration of the scientific analytics environment reduced complexity and TCO while increasing data insights.

  • 03

    AWS RDS [MySQL] to Snowflake (cloud to cloud)

    Result: The migration of the HR analytics environment has simplified and streamlined the transformation and data preparation processes.

  • 04

    MongoDB to Snowflake (on-prem to cloud)

    Result: The migration of the HR analytics system's data buffering layer to a Snowflake-based Data Product adapted to the Data Mesh architecture and aligned with Data Vault standards significantly increased data availability and enhanced the system's analytics capabilities.

  • 05

    Oracle to Snowflake (local to cloud)

    Result: A solution that provides daily, fully automated data synchronization for data quality assessment, significantly improving the migration of a large-scale science analytics environment.

  • 06

    Spark + Vertica to Snowflake (cloud to cloud)

    Result: The migration of the operational diagnostics environment for medical devices improved the analysis of automated laboratory systems and streamlined data operations.

  • 07

    MS SQL Server to Snowflake (on-prem to cloud)

    Result: The pending migration of the multi-instance sales support system to Snowflake’s platform aims to minimize disruption and enhance data integration and transformation.


  • Snowflake
  • TeraData
  • Cloudera
  • MS Fabric
  • Vertica
  • Hadoop
  • MongoDB
  • MuleSoft
  • Talend
  • DBT
  • Oracle
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • AWS

Areas of expertise

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Migration
  • Data Processing
  • Data Transformation
  • Big Data
  • Near real-time processing
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Ops
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning

What will we provide for you?

Our extensive experience in top technologies and as a multi-cloud provider allows us to maximize the potential of Snowflake Data Cloud, providing unparalleled value in migration and integration projects.

We use our in-depth knowledge in various domains of data integration, processing, management, and analytics to customize innovative solutions on the Snowflake platform and meet the changing requirements of modern businesses.

Our robust team of 150+ experts, including data engineers and analysts, data scientists and administrators, enables us to seamlessly integrate technologies and modern concepts into existing ecosystems, delivering measurable results.

Committed to continuous development, our certified experts undergo training, including our in-house academies and communities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of emerging technologies to meet your needs effectively.

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